Growth begins

from the inside out

We build transformative learning and growth experiences for the people that move you and your business forward, inside and out.

expects better

  1. Employees expect learning and development experiences designed for them, not done to them
  2. Communications that inspire and activate people
  3. Development and engagement programs that unlock hidden potential
  1. Customers & communities expect experiences they can learn from, and brands that help them grow
  2. Complex topics made engaging and accessible
  3. Communities formed around shared interests and growth
“Cracking the code of designing engaging learning environments is what these guys understand and deliver”
Todd Hansen  / Executive Producer Web Summit
“We needed inspiration on how to think differently, motivate ourselves and approach challenges in new ways. Wavetable's Learning Lab was interactive, informative, and fun (yes, really) - and changed our team processes for the better.”
Holly Fraser, Editor in Chief - WePresent / WeTransfer
an impressive blend of creativity, analytics, and empathy… a passion and dedication to learning completely shine through
Shikha Mittal / Senior Manager, Experience Design - Deloitte Global

Featured Work

Portal Schools x Wavetable: Edutainment 3.0 Design Challenge
Building a career-connected learning initiative for young people
Wasserman x Wavetable: Creating a team Off-Site that’s worth the 2 year wait
Fostering fresh thinking, new connections and co-creation vibes for a global leader in experiential marketing
Portal Schools x Wavetable: Edutainment 3.0 Design Challenge
Building a career-connected learning initiative for young people
Product Marketing
Amplitude x Wavetable: Product Education goes interactive
Co-creating new paths to community engagement with product evangelist John Cutler.
Live Experience
XP Conference x Wavetable: Experiential Workshop Program
Co-creating the future of MENA’s creative industry at the inaugural XP Conference
Learning Ecosystem
DIG x Wavetable: DIG Academy
Making small bets to develop a category-defining education platform for a mission-driven cooking company
DIG x Wavetable: CIT Orientation
Creating an interactive game-filled Orientation for new hourly employees

You bring the vision. We build your world.


We turn mandatory drills into the “had to be there” moments that define great companies.

Call us your designers, developers, and showrunners in one.

Team Offsites / Workshops / Company Retreats / Conferences / Summits / Festivals / Activations / Stakeholder Events

E3 Studio

In a world that’s changing faster than ever, we help you design and deploy the small bets that unlock big opportunities.

Edutainment / Programs / Academies / Micro Learning / Pop-Up Events / Games / Courses / Toolkits


For leaders ready to make their mark. We dispatch a pod of expert Tableists to custom-design the programs and platforms for you to propel your people to greatness.

Leadership Development Programs / Accelerators / Fellowships / Content Hubs / Cohort-Based Courses


Don’t know where to start? Let us run the diagnostics.

Together we’ll map opportunities, blind spots, and your next & best moves toward uncharted growth.

Discovery / Research & Insights / Strategic Roadmapping / Prototyping

On our radar

Resources, tips, and inspirations from the Wavetable team

How a soccer star is helping young athletes translate their skills into alternative career paths
A new education initiative is helping bridge an ever-widening gap
Future of Learning
Notes on... creating engaging learning experiences
7 elements that keep people coming back... and a view to what's next
The How To
Air Time: How to elevate your next presentation deck
A simple trick to make your next presentation flow
The How To
Create some Client Magic: join the free Micro Course
A 5 day email course to transform your client interactions
What's Your Presenter Type?
Our free self-assessment tool will help you level up your presentation skills
The How To
3 ways to make your Training and Development more engaging
How to avoid your training falling falt
The How To
Workshops & Meetings: How to avoid the pre-read trap
Why advance information can ruin the whole experience
Behind the Scenes
Inside Wavetable's brand refresh
Our new visuals, and a new way that we see the world
The How To
Riding the Wave of Resourcefulness: What We Can Learn from Garrett McNamara's Epic Surfing Adventure
3 tips on how to elevate your resourcefulness, plus a free assessment tool to test out your team dynamics
Future of Learning
Learning is invisible ink
People don't really want to learn. So what can we do instead?
How backpack brand Herschel are banking on underserved creators
A mentoring program takes over an NYC financial institution
Future of Learning
Spinning Knowledge: What educators and creators can learn from one of the world’s best DJs
Why the space between Warm Up and Prime Time can be magical
Inside Out World
Why human capital is the driver of Fortune 500 success
Intangibles are becoming way more tangible
Behind the Scenes
How to get unblocked: Ask yourself some Extreme Questions
10 questions to unlock new paths - and how we tackled them
Behind the Scenes
Notes on... DIG's Winter marketing campaign
How we went about showrunning a video production campaign for cooking company DIG
The How To
Notes On… Obstacle Courses for Learning Experiences
Why your program, workshop, or course should take a tip from the military - and kids’ playtime
Inside Out World
Of Note: Michelin's reimagined company HQ
How the French transport company focused on their employees - and the public - first
The How To
How to create a slide deck that engages your audience
Level up your next slide deck so it’s engaging, story-driven, and able to clearly communicate even the most complex topics
The How To
The Joy of 6
Welcome to Edutainment 3.0 - a Wavetable trends report & workshop series
Brands as Neo Educators; Teachers as the new DJs; Play to Learn to Earn. These are just three of the trends in our upcoming trends report. Get first access, plus the opportunity to join our team for a series of exclusive live workshops.
Future of Learning
The Educator in Residence
Why a different type of EIR could be your firm’s new secret weapon
Future of Learning
Fitness and Education: from IRL to URL
8 lessons for the future of learning from the connected fitness boom
Behind the Scenes
How to design and develop a conference presentation - and why it pays to think like a DJ
A complete step-by-step breakdown of how I built (and booked) a session at a globally-renowned conference
Future of Learning
The new Edutainment
Education as business development (and beyond), teachers becoming more than just the new DJs, and the foundations of a big shift that’s here to stay.
Future of Learning
The rise of the residency
Behind the Scenes
What's in a name?
Why we're called 'Wavetable...'

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