Create spaces for transformation.

From off-sites to conferences to academies, Wavetable combines the expertise of DJs, directors, and educators to build the new wave of transformative experiences.

Todd Hansen

Executive Producer, Web Summit
former head of programming & strategy, SXSW

“Cracking the code of designing engaging learning environments is what these guys understand and deliver”

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Edutainment 3.0

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Education is entering a new era.

Edutainment 3.0 is a movement integrating active learning, storytelling, design, community, and immersive technology.

Our explorable trends hub includes over 100 case studies, plus frameworks, guidelines and best practices for you to bring Edutainment 3.0 into your work.

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Our world is changing at incredible speed.

There’s so much we need to learn, discover, and synthesize.

Yet too many educational offerings remain dull, dated, and disconnected. Urgh.

Shouldn’t there be a better way?

Hi, we’re Wavetable.

Forward-facing companies, cities, and creators partner with us to unlock transformative engagement with their customers, fans, and employees.

Together we create Accelerators and Academies; Conferences and Content Hubs; Programs and Podcasts; Digital Drops and Design Challenges; Workshops and Web3 Worlds.

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Attract, develop, and engage your talent

Captivate the next generation of employees. Develop your future leaders. Create team events with meaning.

Collaborate with our Studio team to create dynamic programs and experiences that turbocharge your human capital.

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Connect with customers, fans, and communities

Experiential Learning is your brand's new secret weapon. Use it to build awareness. Elevate your work. Unlock new paths to growth.

We’ll help you create client workshops, industry conferences, and brand platforms that go beyond.

See what’s possible

Go pro in storytelling, design, and facilitation

Become a leader in your space. Elevate your creative endeavors. Unlock new revenue streams. Develop a skill set that lasts.

Our courses and resources give you the skills and confidence to take your work to the next level.

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What if education was elevated from something that's done to you, into learning you can't wait to dive into?

We’re practitioners of the “had to be there” and the “did you hear about…?”

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Bespoke projects fusing experiential learning, community, and a sprinkling of magic

Design and launch Accelerators, Activations, Summits and Sprints.

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Where fans and brands collaborate, learn, and earn together

Create your own direct-to-fan challenges that harness the power of web3

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For your employees and teams

Create engagement that lasts

Let’s be honest. A webinar just doesn’t cut it anymore. People are yearning for something more.

Enter the Wavetable Studio to access fresh ways to attract talent. Design more dynamic learning environments for your people. And create team experiences that foster alignment, inspiration, and innovation.
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Off-Sites, Retreats, & Summits
Training & Development Programs
Academies & Apprenticeships
Pre-boarding & Onboarding Experiences
Client & Customer Learning Labs
Summits, Conferences, & Festivals
Audience, Community & Fan Programs
Brand Platforms & Activations
For your customers, fans, & communities

Build more meaningful connection

Say goodbye to stale summits. Bid farewell to cookie-cutter campaigns. Adieu, asinine activations.

Make your mark by creating impactful, immersive programs and experiences that educate, entertain, and empower.
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Latest Originals


Content, coaching and community to empower you to create compelling learning experiences to inspire and transform any audience

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Unlock growth in your writing, speaking, business, or career.

The Storycrafting workshop will help you tell stories with skill, intention, and confidence

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Wavetable Portal

Invite your audience inside

Where fans and brands create, learn, and earn together

Go beyond the gatekeepers and unlock the potential of your brand assets and resources through unique micro challenges that yield learning, collaboration, and rewards.

Our portal empowers you to create and launch direct-to-fan learning experiences they can’t wait to dive into.


Join our community

Become part of our tribe of creative change makers.

The Wavetable community are creating new wave learning experiences for people around the world.

Membership gives you access to workshops, coaching sessions, exclusive content, plus the inside track on upcoming Wavetable projects.
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Learning Experience Design
Content & Activity Creation
Wavetable Academy

Say hello to your new set of superpowers

Maybe you’re ready to monetize your particular genius. Or, perhaps you know it’s time to engage your team or clients in new ways.

Want to teach what you do? Or, do what you teach?

Whichever way you’re headed, the Wavetable Academy is here to help you craft powerful stories and experiences that make positive change - and develop a skill set that’s more in-demand than ever before.
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We share ideas, open up our [virtual] studio for events, and invite people like you to collaborate on all kinds of projects.

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