How to create an Off-Site that hits the spot - with special guest Katie Dreke

It’s time for episode 3 of our fortnightly live session on all things storytelling, experiential learning, and facilitation.

This time we are getting into Off-Sites. After being off the table for a while, they’re back - but the stakes have changed significantly.

When so many people are used to working remotely, how do you create an in-person experience that feels motivating, exciting, and vital?

How do you get people believing in the vision and mission, and looking forward to what’s coming next?And how do you design for all ages, backgrounds, roles, experience levels, and needs?

For this edition of the Wavetable Groovebox we were joined by the wonderful Katie Dreke.

Katie is an innovation and strategy consultant who's worked with leading brands and agencies across the globe. She's designed, led and participated in all types of Off-Sites. We thought she'd be perfectly positioned to drop some wisdom. And indeed she was.

In this episode we got into:

  • The value of Slow Thinking
  • How to design accessibly
  • Common pitfalls in design and delivery of a team off-site
  • Adrenaline vs. Comfort
  • The importance of Artefacts
  • Creating for different cultures

And so much more. Enjoy...

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