How to improve your team's communication skills with a cheeky card game

What do you get when you blend Cards Against Humanity, real talk from Ray Dalio & Kendrick Lamar, a handful of MadLibs, and build a high-tension story around it all?

And what if the result helped your team communicate with clarity, deal with tricky challenges, and freely use their creativity?

The crew at Wasserman / Wasserman X asked us to come with something a little different for their recent team get-together, so we built them a card game with all this - and more.

We call it ‘Cards with some Humanity’ (for now at least).

Here’s how it works:

1. Build a story using a bunch of outrageous, surprising, or just plain weird scenarios

2. Insert an inciting incident caused by an unexpected character

3. Use one of our featured tools to overcome the tension and communicate with poise and clarity

4. Craft the story’s resolution using a magic item: it could be a pair of Crocs; a fake Rolex; or Baby Yoda

5. Synthesize it all into a compelling, shareable tale

6. Apply the learnings into a live client scenario

A few of the things that happened...

🎬 Robert De Niro had to be told in no uncertain terms that we were not available to help him practice lines.

🍦 Over-eager Girl Scouts caused us to crash into an ice cream truck.

🍰 Instagram fitness influencers were appeased after being very upset at us making 3-tiered cakes from the Great British Baking Show.

🤑 And a pair of crypto bros were nurtured and supported during their hour of need.

After all, why should working on improving team dynamics and communication skills feel like an endurance test?

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