Bring hard-won lessons to life with Groove Theory.

Bespoke, playable learning experiences - forged from real brand DNA.

Whether you're a business school innovating your curriculum or a forward-thinking company upskilling your team, Groove Theory transforms your most valuable insights and narratives into captivating learning adventures.

Powered by Wavetable's proprietary Edutainment 3.0 framework, Groove Theory blends state-of-the-art simulation technology with bespoke educational content to create thrilling, industry-specific experiences that educate, engage, and inspire.

The Challenge: Evolving Faster Than the Market

In a world that changes by the minute, keeping up means transforming how we learn and adapt.

Traditional training and educational content often miss the mark, failing to engage learners or deliver practical, impactful skills.

The Future of Learning: Adaptive Learning Environments

Groove Theory represents a new category that combines cutting-edge simulation technology with bespoke educational content and narrative design.

The result?

Captivating learning adventures that transcend traditional case studies and training.

How it works.

1. Define

Work with our team to identify your key learning goals, target audience, and the unique narratives you want to bring to life.

2. Build

Our designers and developers will craft a custom Groove Theory simulation tailored to your brand, challenges, and strategies.

We'll blend interactive elements, branching storylines, and state-of-the-art technology to create an engaging, memorable experience.


For leaders ready to make their mark. We dispatch a pod of expert Tableists to custom-design the programs and platforms for you to propel your people to greatness.

Leadership Development Programs / Accelerators / Fellowships / Content Hubs / Cohort-Based Courses

3. Unlock

Deploy your Groove Theory experience to educate, upskill, and inspire your audience. Track engagement, skill development, and other KPIs to measure the real-world impact.

Throughout the process, we will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your Groove Theory solution delivers maximum value and meets your specific needs.

Inside the Groove

Explore some of the ingredients and inspirations behind Groove Theory.

Future of Learning
Welcome to Edutainment 3.0
An explorable trends report by Wavetable
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Our free self-assessment tool will help you level up your presentation skills
How a soccer star is helping young athletes translate their skills into alternative career paths
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10 Lessons from Replit’s “100 Days of Code" and Beyond
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Why every company should bring history in-house
The vault curator is a vastly valuable role - for brands both large and small
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How we validate new product and venture concepts
A brief primer on our process - and some counter-intuitive insights
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Going deep: Our approach to taking on Deep Work
A simple guide to doing more with less
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How H&M bring the Inside Out with Creator Studio
And why it's a smart move - on multiple vectors
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How can A.I. be used to augment the end-to-end experience of live events?
5 insights from a panel session at IBTM World in Barcelona
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Keyboard to Console: Why Every Knowledge Worker Needs a Creative Studio Kit
Figma's Designer Tool is Just the Beginning, Imagine Studio Workstations for Every Profession
Groove Theory
The Blank Slide Shuffle
How to use pitch black to great effect
Groove Theory
Understanding the Presentation Spectrum
Why most presentations shouldn't feel like TED talks
Inside Out World
Global employee engagement levels are shockingly low
Plus simple three ideas to improve them
Richie Hawtin’s next musical frontier? High school science class
How a DIY noise machine became a portal for learning & creativity - courtesy of a legendary electronic music artist
Groove Theory
Storytelling & Narrative: What's the difference?
It's subtle, but incredibly important
Groove Theory
What people really want from new technology
They don't want features, or even benefits. It's about something more human
Inside Out World
The surprising human-centric approach used by a Premier League team on the rise
How Brighton & Hove Albion use data in all kinds of interesting ways
Inside Out World
How cricket is reshaping culture and the world of work
The Indian women's cricket league is a big deal in more ways than one
Groove Theory
Christopher Nolan's 26 principles for creative work
And why it's worth being a jack of all trades
Inside Out World
Meet the mysterious designer who secretly remixes street posters
Because there's always scope to engage people more with your work
Groove Theory
Why David Marchese's skills remain underrated
How The New York Times journalist is able to go further than most
Inside Out World
Spain's €20k gift for every young citizen
What if everybody in your country received a tax-free inheritance when they turned 18?
Inside Out World
Everything's a remix: transferrable skills from the genius of The Prodigy
Why Liam Howlett's sampling and arrangement skills are more relevant than ever
Harmonizing Creativity: Inside the zen-infused world of Sebastian Mulleart's ‘Circle of Live’
How the Swedish artist takes a novel approach to teaching creativity and the art of improvisation
Inside Out World
How Coldplay use Inside Out dynamics to hit all the right notes
The superstar band take a refreshing transparent approach to sustainability, fan engagement, and sharing their process
Inside Out World
Why world-class athletes have been roughing it
How small improvements to an end-to-end experience can change the game
Inside Out World
Flipping the script: a movie studio launch an app for fans
A24's latest innovation is a smart way to do more with less
The How To
11 tips to improve your writing skills
Writing wisdom from a master of the craft
How Jay-Z's new exhibition opens up new ways to engage
8 reasons why 'The Book of HOV' stands out from the crowd
Inside Out World
🚌 “We should do a school… or something?”
Allbirds goes open source, edutainment as a springboard, and the opportunity to build what's next
How a TV show is using Edutainment 3.0 to open up exciting new spaces
'Space Junk' encourages audiences to create new stories using web3 and AI technologies
Inside Out World
Making Moonshots: The power of open source brand toolkits
How brands of all shapes and sizes can use the power of open source
The How To
Why the best experiences have invisible structure
A lesson from one of the great movie directors
The How To
How to set up speaker notes in a live presentation (simple 3-step process)
Notes can end up distracting and confusing. So how do we best use them?
Introducing the Presentation Elevation Tool
A free tool packed with unconventional prompts to help you get unstuck
5 lessons from Hollywood’s 14 year old animator
The power of constraints, explorations, and feedback
Future of Learning
Notes on... creating engaging learning experiences
7 elements that keep people coming back... and a view to what's next
The How To
Air Time: How to elevate your next presentation deck
A simple trick to make your next presentation flow
The How To
Create some Client Magic: join the free Micro Course
A 5 day email course to transform your client interactions
The How To
3 ways to make your Training and Development more engaging
How to avoid your training falling falt
The How To
Workshops & Meetings: How to avoid the pre-read trap
Why advance information can ruin the whole experience
Behind the Scenes
Inside Wavetable's brand refresh
Our new visuals, and a new way that we see the world
The How To
Riding the Wave of Resourcefulness: What We Can Learn from Garrett McNamara's Epic Surfing Adventure
3 tips on how to elevate your resourcefulness, plus a free assessment tool to test out your team dynamics
Future of Learning
Learning is invisible ink
People don't really want to learn. So what can we do instead?
How backpack brand Herschel are banking on underserved creators
A mentoring program takes over an NYC financial institution
Future of Learning
Spinning Knowledge: What educators and creators can learn from one of the world’s best DJs
Why the space between Warm Up and Prime Time can be magical
Inside Out World
Why human capital is the driver of Fortune 500 success
Intangibles are becoming way more tangible
Behind the Scenes
How to get unblocked: Ask yourself some Extreme Questions
10 questions to unlock new paths - and how we tackled them
Behind the Scenes
Notes on... DIG's Winter marketing campaign
How we went about showrunning a video production campaign for cooking company DIG
The How To
Notes On… Obstacle Courses for Learning Experiences
Why your program, workshop, or course should take a tip from the military - and kids’ playtime
Inside Out World
Of Note: Michelin's reimagined company HQ
How the French transport company focused on their employees - and the public - first
The How To
How to create a slide deck that engages your audience
Level up your next slide deck so it’s engaging, story-driven, and able to clearly communicate even the most complex topics
The How To
The Joy of 6
Future of Learning
The Educator in Residence
Why a different type of EIR could be your firm’s new secret weapon
Future of Learning
Fitness and Education: from IRL to URL
8 lessons for the future of learning from the connected fitness boom
Behind the Scenes
How to design and develop a conference presentation - and why it pays to think like a DJ
A complete step-by-step breakdown of how I built (and booked) a session at a globally-renowned conference

Transformative Learning Experiences, tailored to you.

Groove Theory transforms your most valuable business narratives into captivating, interactive learning experiences.

Whether you're a business school looking to revolutionize your case studies, a company seeking to upskill your workforce, or a leader seeking to create innovative thought leadership content, Groove Theory delivers a cutting-edge solution that captivates and transforms.

We'll work closely with you to translate your challenges, strategies, and successes into dynamic, scenario-based learning adventures.

Unlock the Power of Immersive Learning
  1. Customized to Your Needs: Experiences tailored to your unique brand, challenges, and learning objectives
  2. Narrative-Driven Engagement: Blend text, video, and interactive elements to weave your stories into thrilling, memorable learning journeys
  3. Live or Digital: Adapt to your preferred format, whether online or in-person
  4. Authentic Narratives: Transform real-world situations into engaging learning modules
  5. Adaptive and Flexible: Access the experience seamlessly across devices, anytime, anywhere
Impactful Outcomes
  1. Efficient Learning: Quick sessions with lasting impact
  2. Skill Development: Provide immediate feedback to refine strategies and decisions
  3. Cost-Effective Impact: Maximize returns on your educational investments

Why Groove Theory?

At Wavetable, we believe the future of learning lies in immersive, narrative-driven experiences that captivate and inspire.

Our proprietary Edutainment 3.0 framework seamlessly blends storytelling, interactivity, and the latest educational technology to transform traditional training into an adventure.

Groove Theory is the culmination of this vision - empowering you to bring your most valuable narratives to life and unlock new levels of engagement and impact.

Build the extraordinary

Every story and scenario is unique.

At Wavetable, we redefine educational norms by creating bespoke experiences that engage, educate, and inspire.

Let's collaborate to bring your hard-won lessons to life.

Let’s groove.

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