Create and communicate with clarity, confidence... and groove.

Groove Theory is a unique development experience that gives your team the tools, skills and confidence to ensure their work - and value - stands out.

What alumni Groove Theorists are saying...

“Cracking the code of designing engaging learning environments is what these guys understand and deliver”
Todd Hansen  / Executive Producer Web Summit
“We needed inspiration on how to think differently, motivate ourselves and approach challenges in new ways. Wavetable's Learning Lab was interactive, informative, and fun (yes, really) - and changed our team processes for the better.”
Holly Fraser, Editor in Chief - WePresent / WeTransfer
an impressive blend of creativity, analytics, and empathy… a passion and dedication to learning completely shine through
Shikha Mittal / Senior Manager, Experience Design - Deloitte Global

Your value is getting lost in the noise.

  1. Presentations lack pizazz
  2. Internal communications fall flat
  3. Workshops don’t dive deep
  1. Client interactions feel clunky
  2. Communications don’t stand out
  3. Conference talks aren’t cutting it

We see a world where...

... you and yours are awesome communicators, presenters and experience creators.

It's a world where you:

  1. Effortlessly communicate your value
  2. Differentiate from the rest
  3. Close high-ticket deals
  4. Integrate cutting-edge creative and AI tools
  5. Adapt to any situation with poise and style
  6. Seem to read each others’ minds…

It’s a world where you’re In the Groove.

But right now? There’s a chasm to cross. And you’re already stretched.

It’s not just you. Other leaders feel the same:

“We have big challenges in demonstrating the true value of what we do - it doesn’t usually feel like ‘us’”

“We need to get better at sharpening the sell - both new biz and existing work”

“Serious communication and storytelling issues - especially a lack of confidence and clarity presenting to senior clients”

“It’s not just clients - we also need to get better at presenting to other stakeholders: team leads, C-suite, our board, investors…”

“A key problem is shaping the arc of the story - especially across strategy, creative, and account teams”

“I feel like I have to do all the presentation work myself - for a team of 24 people!”

Groove Theory empowers you to become an adept and compelling communicator and creator.

You’ll discover a new way forward by putting yourself in the frame - using your own inner resources along with best practices from media, entertainment and culture, plus the cutting-edge technology tools shaping our world.

From out of sync… to in the groove

As Certified Groove Theorist, you’ll be able to:

  1. Create and deliver fresh stories, formats and materials around your world
  2. Transfer and share skills across your company - and beyond
  3. Work more collaboratively, efficiently and effectively

You can use Groove Theory for...

  1. Brand Communications
  2. Sales & Prospecting
  3. Learning & Development Programs
  4. Team Meetings & Events
  5. Content Creation

Configured to you.

Design the perfect environment for any interaction

  1. Use learning science fundamentals to create a positive and valuable session
  2. Transform any meeting into an interactive, engaging experience
  3. Ensure people can synthesize information and avoid overwhelm or confusion

Use different modes and formats to communicate ideas

  1. Apply best practices in creating teachable - and learnable - content
  2. Modify your approach for a range of audiences
  3. Utilize a magic box of creative tools to make your work stand out

Present and guide with poise and finesse

  1. Become a more compelling storyteller and communicator
  2. Use facilitation skills to unlock client insights and support positive discourse
  3. Overcome technical and human challenges so you feel confident and in control

Option #1: Workshops

Engaging, fast-paced, actionable workshops that help your team improve their skills across all areas of creating valuable client experiences.

Workshop topics include:

  1. Understanding Audiences
  2. Experience Design
  3. Content Creation
  4. Presentation Design
  5. Storytelling
  6. Executive Presence

Workshop sessions start at $6k virtually or $10k in-person.

Optional bolt-ons include access to the Groove Theory digital curriculum, private coaching, and office hours support.

Option #2: Micro Accelerators

Virtual or In-Person programs to train your team in the secrets of creating magical experiences.

Customized Learning Experience (typically 4-6 weeks)

We’ll work with you and your team to develop an approach that fits with your offerings, goals, client base, tools and culture.

  1. Live Sessions
    Includes a kick-off session, 4-6 live workshops, and 2-4 office hours sessions.
  2. Access To Full Course Content
    Includes complete access to Groove Theory online course (80+ bitesize videos plus digital assets and scenarios) for all participants (value of $495 per person).
  3. Customized Portal
    A customized portal for your company where students can access the schedule, assignments, video lessons, workshop recordings, and Q&A added throughout the course.
  4. On-Demand Walkthroughs
    Based on student questions and projects, we develop customized content and responses which are uploaded to the portal and available to all members of the cohort.

Ready to start?

Cohort packages start at $15k USD

  1. 4+ facilitated 90-minute workshops
  2. Digital curriculum access for all students
  3. On-demand Q&A & e-mail coaching during the cohort & one month after
  4. Weekly 1-on-1 coaching
  5. Retro and next steps workshop with client stakeholders

Customization options

The team edition of Groove Theory comes with a standard level of customization and configuration to your business, but extra customization is also available.

In addition, monthly coaching packages can be added to the course.

If you'd like to explore customization or coaching options for your team, just get in touch.

5 elements of groove

Understanding Humans

What’s inside?
How we synthesize
People & Group Dynamics

Structure & Design

Experience Design
Shifting States
Outlining & Storyboarding

Formats & Modes

Selection & Curation
Energy & Space

Style, Effects & Magic

Story & Narrative Design
Content Design
Creative Tools

Delivery & Performance

Delivery Essentials
Elevating with Story & Style
Modify & Iterate

It's easy to start.


Virtual or in-person experiences led by Howard and the Wavetable team.

Topics include: presentation design, storytelling, client discovery, consulting skills, facilitation, and pitching.

Rates from $6k

Micro Accelerators

A multi-week program for teams.

Includes live workshops, one-on-one coaching and office hours, and on-demand digital content. Based on the "cohort-based-course" approach.

Rates from $15k

Start now

1:1 Private Consulting / Coaching

Work 1-on-1 with Wavetable CEO Howard Gray.

Typical engagements include storytelling and presentation coaching, executive presence, and consulting skills.

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Talks & Workshops

Explore our full range of interactive talks and workshops.

We can inspire your audience around topics like company culture, creator economy, employee-generated content, and more.

...and further...

Bespoke Events

Looking for a bespoke solution to elevate your next team event, conference or summit?

We can help you create an end to end experience that's best in class.