Of Note - #1 - TikTok employment stories, #Merky FC, and doing layoffs right

Here's what we've been noticing in the world of Inside Out this past week...

🚴🏾Bike Angels: NYC government are rewarding ‘bike angels’ who rebalance city hire bikes so there’s always a plentiful supply
- Why it’s Of Note: Bike Angels earn significant cash for their new portfolio career role; the city provide residents and visitors with a more enjoyable experience; Lyft (the bike system operator) saves times and money; the program cuts out 500 tons of CO2 emissions a year

📱Gen Z and Millennials are using TikTok to share the(ir) reality of being laid off
- Why it’s Of Note: TikTok’s extraordinary algorithm gives these stories the potential to spread incredibly quickly. Employee engagement - not to mention employer brand - matters more than ever.

⚽️ #MerkyFC: Grime star Stormzy’s latest venture seeks to increase diversity in football (soccer) talent - both on and off the pitch. And instead of sizzly 30 second spot, it’s been launched with a 37 min TV show that has real, meaningful insight and analysis.
- Why it’s Of Note: #MerkyFC highlights opportunities and roles that many people didn’t realize were available or accessible; and isn’t afraid to get into the deeper details that typically stay hidden.

📭 Stripe layoffs: when tech companies have let go of hundreds (or thousands) of people, it hasn't always felt particularly human. Stripe came it at differently
- Why it’s Of Note: We’ve seen open letters from CEOs before, but Stripe’s Patrick Collison directly called out two significant mistakes that led them to this point - and took responsibility for both

🔊 SoundCloud ‘Behind this Track’: People are yearning for behind the scenes access. A feature in SoundCloud lets users get insight on their favorite songs.
- Why it’s Of Note: This one is a missed opportunity. First, there seems to be very little on offer - just basic stats. Where are the Easter Eggs: the studio photos, stems, and trivia?. Second, it was released a while ago but I only discovered it this weekend (not good given I use SoundCloud 5-10x per week). And third, there seems to be nothing online from Soundcloud’s product marketing team about the feature. iMdB still lead the way...