We're seeking curious humans

What do they have in common?

First, they’re tricky to pigeon hole. Hard to pin down. Resistant to being boxed in. Hybrids, T-shaped, misfits.

Second, they’re curious about how to help others see, learn and do differently.

Third, they all work here at Wavetable. And we are seeking more humans like them. Like you, perhaps.

Here’s a quick bit on our work and how we approach it - because as with our people it's not always easy to categorize. And we like it that way.

So, what is it?
Is it learning & development, training, or education? Company culture or collaboration?
Does it lean into business and brand strategy? Building IP and content? Or more story crafting and experience design?

The answer is Yes.

Interweaving areas means getting to solve interesting problems. Creating environments for connection, learning, and discovery. Sparking intrinsic and extrinsic fulfillment. And bringing color and creativity to areas that deserve much more of it.

It means becoming a student of human behavior. Wondering about the Who it’s for and What’s it for. Spinning up a prototype. Embracing ambiguity. Mixing Art & Science. Even if you consider yourself neither Artist nor Scientist.

You'll contradict yourself. Numerous times, perhaps. Try it as a storyboard. Reorder the narrative. Build an invisible structure. Use the palette. Badly first, then better.

Inject games and grooves without derailing or devaluing. Turn everyday objects into magic wands. Ladder it all into real tangible targets.

Weave in a Virgil Abloh design principle. Chop to a choice cut from Bourdain. Add a few Lego blocks. Make it feel like a TV series, but choose carefully.

Host it all live, or pull the strings behind the scenes. Juggle both if you like.

It really all boils down to this:

Making something for someone. For a few people. For many.
Something they’ll actually use. Something they’ll remember. Something they’ll share with others.

It may just ignite a transformation - take them from where they are, to somewhere completely new.

Maybe they’ll be able to become that person they didn’t believe they could ever be.

Does this pique your interest?

Do you have experience in some of these areas? (we know you do - especially if you read this far).

If so, we’d love to chat with you. Send us a message

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