Inside Wavetable's brand refresh

We’ve had a brand refresh! A brighter, bolder, and better Wavetable is now out in the world.

But it not just visual design. We’ve evolved in the way we see the world, and how we want to contribute to it:

  • We now live in a world where what happens Inside has an outsize impact on what happens Outside: from open-sourcing your company’s processes, to identifying your personal Zone of Genius
  • If we want to see a world where everyone can access skills, confidence and opportunities to do work that matters (and we do!), these Inside Out dynamics are critical
  • Successful companies and individuals will enable themselves and others to grow by harnessing Inside Out dynamics
  • Wavetable is here to help you unlock your assets, talent and expertise so you can join them
  • We create transformative learning, development, and growth experiences: from game arcades, to leadership development programs, to branded education pop-ups
  • And we do it all by combining educational craft, experience design style, and entrepreneurial instinct - always with a good dose of humor, storytelling, and connectivity

Our new website has 75+ resources on content design, the future of learning, and edutainment; plus the stories of game-changing entrepreneurs; and the inside track on recent client projects. And yes, you're on it right now :)

We hope you like it.

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