🚌 “We should do a school… or something?”

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Well, hello. It’s Howard here, coming at you from a positively sweltering NYC.

There’s a certain vibe in the air right now, and it’s not just the distinct parfum of hot trash.

Summer means school’s out, and the annual vibe shift is in full effect.

But while the kids are kicking back, adults seem to have school on their minds.

I'm not surprised.

Brandon Busteed notes that in the US, education is now more politically polarised than the presidency. (yes, you read that correctly).

And AI is turning everything upside down - from acing all sorts of exams, to walloping the stock price of EdTech company Chegg.

Meanwhile, UK music star Stormzy is flipping the script on literature festivals, and Allbirds are open sourcing their production processes for others to learn from.

The future of learning is getting hot.

The Unusual Suspects

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a bunch of conversations about this - but not with the usual suspects.

Marketers, talent agents, artists, product managers, and CEOs have all been eager to jam with us on how they can be part of what's next in education.

Many conversations start around the Creator Economy, online courses, that kind of thing. But they nearly always end up somewhere else.

Underneath the extrinsic motivations, we keep hearing a growing desire for something more.

These people all want to empower others, leave a legacy for the next generation, learn more about how we learn, and create offerings that are genuinely remarkable and transformative. For real.

Adjacent Possibles

During these chats we’ve heard a few different versions of: “We should do a school… or something?!”

It’s a great prompt. But the answer probably isn’t starting a school. Not in the traditional sense, anyway.

The place to really start exploring is in that tantalising ending: “…or something”

As Steven Johnson points out, the real breakthroughs happen at the adjacent possible - an edge that captures “both the limits and the creative potential of change and innovation”.

There’s so much scope to create exciting new 'or something' businesses and projects in this realm. They won’t come from within the current system. They'll come from those edges: blending new & old, art & science, education & entertainment.

And we suspect they'll come from unusual and unexpected people and places.

If you have a hunch about a certain something, we’d love to hear about it. Just hit reply.

Until next time, keep it wavy.


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