Wavetable is an invitation into deeper discovery

Because learning should feel more like an adventure than an endurance test

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“Empirically speaking, we are made of star stuff. Why aren’t we talking more about that?”

Maggie Nelson, 'The Argonauts'
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We envision a world where education is elevated from something that's done to you, into learning you can't wait to dive into.

Our mission is to engage, empower, and equip people with the access, skills, and confidence to do the work they want to do in the world.

We design and produce immersive experiences, content, and projects that open up ways to see, learn and do differently.

Meet the team

We bring expertise and experience from the worlds of live entertainment, education, digital media, coaching, and organizational design.

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John Due

How to run a workshop for the C-suite


John Due

How to run a workshop for the C-suite


John Due

How to run a workshop for the C-suite


John Due

How to run a workshop for the C-suite


John Due

How to run a workshop for the C-suite


John Due

How to run a workshop for the C-suite


John Due

How to run a workshop for the C-suite


John Due

How to run a workshop for the C-suite

Howard Gray


Josh Upton

Development Partner

Stefy Bolaños

Learning Design, Content Design & Development, Facilitation

Fer Franco

Learning Design, Content Design & Development, Facilitation

Michelle Carollo

Program & Learning Designer

Wavetable waves


Chefs and comedians; teachers, tapes, and toys.
Here are just a few of the people, products, and pursuits inspiring us.

Maria Montessori

bringing tactile experiences into mainstream education

Christopher Nolan

complex, compelling stories blending art and science

Hiphop culture

mixing multiple mediums to create something fresh and vital


little plastic blocks with an outsized impact

Seymour Papert

coining constructionism, and bringing computers to kids' learning journeys

Maya Angelou

challenging the status quo, harnessing the power of storytelling

Jerry Seinfeld & Larry David

a show about nothing can be much more than nothing

Priya Parker

there's a subtle art to how and why humans gather

Anthony Bourdain

exploring and highlighting parts unknown, with no reservations

We're creating a more connected and engaging future of learning

Our team of educators, coaches, creatives and producers have designed and facilitated experiential learning of all flavors: from short-form workshops to long-form accelerator programs; fast-paced design sprints to full-tilt learning & development strategies.

We work with leading global brands, creative entrepreneurs, cultural institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Most importantly, we’re a group of people who believe in the emergence of what can be, as if by magic, when we tap into our shared ability to make things come alive.

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How to engage with us

There's always more than one way forward...


We partner with companies, cities, and creators to build the new wave of learning: from skill academies and apprenticeships; to experiential activations and exclusive fan communities.
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Unlock the potential of your brand assets and resources through unique micro challenges that yield learning, collaboration, and rewards.

Our web3 portal empowers you to create and launch dynamic learning experiences that fans can’t wait to dive into.
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See, learn, and do differently with our vault of articles, podcasts, videos, and how-to guides that explore the future of learning.
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We believe in...


Learning as a powerful way to connect and interact with... well, anything


Creating space for what's emerging in society, and to discover what matters to you


A sense of possibility, adventure and wonder


An open approach to identity: not a fixed set of rules, directives, or dogmas

What’s in a name?

Why we're called 'Wavetable'

When our founder Howard created his first ever workshop, a friend said to him, “hey, you know you’re really good at synthesizing ideas…”.

It was only much later he realised that so much in the future of learning and work is in this ability to synthesize. And there are things to synthesize everywhere.

When you think about that word - synthesize - maybe your mind goes to music. Ours definitely do.

In fact, we believe the future of learning feels a lot like music.

From Recitals to Mixtapes

If traditional education is a classical recital, the future of learning is a mixtape.

While teachers were forced to read and play from a pre-scripted sheet; the next generation of educators spin records, spit some rhymes, or try out some graffiti art. Some of them even breakdance.

Speaking of dancing - you're invited onto the dance floor, but if you can't dance then you can just nod your head. Because everyone's welcome here.

It doesn't stop there. Designing the new wave of learning is time in the studio. It's rhythms and grooves; creating loops, riffs, bridges, and some discord too.

The delivery is like the work of a DJ - being attuned to the vibe, and responding in kind. Sure, you add your unique flavor, but as every great DJ knows it’s about bringing the audience along and making them the focus - not you.

And bringing all of this together is... yup, synthesizing.

One synth to another

As it happens, one of the early types of music synthesis was originally designed to produce natural tone-like sounds. It became the first computer based synthesizer, and one of the first instruments to harness the power of digital sampling.

The synthesizer helped pave the way of new forms of creation, new ways of sharing, and new ways of connecting.

Just like the best music, the future of learning is about culture, expression, generosity, and connection.

And like that synthesizer, it's about bringing together digital and humans in new ways.

The name of that synthesizer? Wavetable.

And that first workshop Howard created?

"Create your own music festival", of course.

We're hiring.

That's right.

Come and work with us. As well as the open roles we're actively hiring for, we're always excited to hear from people who are into our mission.

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