What does a person

need to succeed?

We envision a world where people can access the skills, confidence, and opportunities they need to realize their potential.

In 2015, I found myself standing before a room full of high school students in East London. They were expecting me to teach them something about the music industry. The usual format for these ‘guest sessions’ were what you’re probably imagining: a talk. A lecture. A few name-drops.

But what if it could be different?

I split the class into teams and asked them to create an entire music festival concept to pitch at the end of the session — from lineup to food vendors; ticket pricing to portable toilet placement.

Honestly, it was chaos (back then, I didn’t know how to design this kind of thing). But it worked. It was infinite times more engaging than the 40-slide powerpoint I’d abandoned that weekend.

Watching them collaborate, innovate, dig deep, think big, and synthesize their knowledge in real time to unlock material skills in ways decks and textbooks never could—I had an epiphany:

Why couldn’t education, learning - even marketing - feel like this?

And why not use what already exists inside to create real, sustainable growth on the outside?

At Wavetable, we help brands and individuals bring what’s inside… out.

We transform routine company experiences - training programs, leadership initiatives, off-sites  - into opportunities for extraordinary growth. We make marketing and community initiatives feel valuable, engaging and connected.

And we help you tap into your inner resources and develop real, durable skills - so you can communicate and connect with any audience. Inside or out.

If our mission resonates with where you want to go, then please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.


Meet the Tableists

We’re a band of unironic expert-generalists who synthesize decades of intersectional expertise—from the worlds of live entertainment, education, digital media, coaching, organizational design, and beyond.

Howard Gray
Founder & CEO
Surfacing the story in… well, just about anything.
Storybuilder / Teacher / DJ / Coach
One thing that occupies your brain?
What is my 2 year old actually thinking?

After 10 years building a talent agency, producing parties, and traveling to gigs in Belgrade, Buenos Aires, and Beirut (and other places not starting with B), Howard began to remix information instead of music.

A pivot into teaching, experience design, and speaking led to him creating over 250 learning experiences for international brands, startups, and nonprofits.

Bringing together this work with the best of what he learned in the arenas of music, entertainment, and digital media, Howard founded Wavetable as a way to offer people more engaging and empowering ways to help them get where they want to go.

Today, as Wavetable’s CEO, he leads business development, experience design, editorial, and a variety of less glamorous yet equally valuable areas.

Howard also serves on the advisory board for SXSW, mentors and teaches with the likes of ISDI, Techstars, and The New School, is a regular conference speaker and podcast guest, and is a certified professional coach.

Perhaps most importantly, he's in an ongoing search for the perfect breakfast.

Fernando Franco
LX Designer & Strategist
Being able to draw inspiration and ideas from many different worlds and perspectives. Can dream and deliver…
LX Designer / Strategist / Facilitator / Entrepreneur / Musician
One thing that occupies your brain?
The expressive and unpredictable nature of analogue synthesizers

LX designer, strategist and a creative producer who specializes in innovation and the creative industries.

Fer studied Economics at Francisco Marroquín University, and an M.Sc. Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Manchester.

For the past ten years, Fer has been actively involved in a wide range of projects spanning several industries including education, hospitality, music and film.

He has co-founded several companies in Guatemala and Central America and has experience working with partners from across the US and Europe.

Before joining Wavetable, he was in charge of the academic department of the only film and visual media bachelor’s program in Guatemala, where he co-developed a four-year program and built collaborative relationships with some of the largest production companies of LATAM such as Fábula.

As an LX lead at Wavetable, he is part of the team that dreams and designs learning experiences that aim to inspire and empower.

He is also a semi-professional musician, touring as part of the ensemble of cellist Mabe Fratti and occasionally composes film scores.

Sarah Reader
Lead Producer
Knows what’s important and what isn’t in getting to the end goal, isn’t afraid to cut out the fluff. Has been known as the Darling Killer.
Producer / Project Manager / Creative / Designer / Teacher
One thing that occupies your brain?
Does quantum physics mean there’s endless worlds with countless versions of you?

As the lead producer at Wavetable, Sarah is the conductor of the orchestra, helping the team dream, develop and deliver.

With over ten years of experience working across creative and production, Sarah was the Head Producer at Canada’s largest progressive advertising agency. She produced multiple award winning campaigns and led and developed a production team that tripled in size.

In London, Sarah gained invaluable commercial experience, where she produced content for global clients including BBC Storyworks, Air Asia, and General Mills. She has shot campaigns in South East Asia, Europe, and North America.

Originally trained in fashion design, also a qualified swimming teacher, Sarah brings a broad range of experience and interests colliding creative, production and teaching.

We’re in a world of our own

We’re hybrids by nature

Individually and as one, we’re hard to pin down—it’s our superpower. We’re shapeshifters who can flex across disciplines, structures, perspectives, and methods to propagate new solutions.

Inside-out, from top to bottom

We’re living proof that taking care of your people is good for business. After all, we’re talking to you aren’t we?

We default to open

As in, every problem is a gateway to opportunity when you look at it from the right angle. Our unique, cross-functional approach to developmental experience design allows us to stay open to possibility, learning, and innovation.

Systems, not symptoms

We’re not bandaids or makeshift models. To unlock true growth (and prevent backsliding), we make sure our systems can treat immediate wounds, remedy old ones, and dig deep to root out the root cause.

Our bonuses

We’re an independent studio (that mean to stay that way).
We’re fluent in English and Spanish.

On our radar

Resources, tips, and inspirations from the Wavetable team

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Let’s get down to business.

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