Of Note - #7 - YouTube college credits, Buzzfeed training, and a unique playground

When it's time to do more with less, turning things Inside Out might just be the ticket. Here are three examples of Inside Out dynamics in action - from the worlds of city design, the creator economy, and higher education:

🎥 1. John & Hank Green can help get you college credits

What’s the deal: The YouTubers are partnering with Arizona State University to offer low cost college credits

Why it’s of note: Traditional credentials and institutions continue to get unbundled. The Green’s company Complexly have created a video program that guides people through key questions about college courses and how they map to the world of work. If you want to start working towards credits, just $25 gets you in the game - way less than the thousands many incumbents charge.

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🐝 2. BuzzFeed to recruit and train creators for Meta

What’s the deal: Buzzfeed has announced a $10m deal where Meta will pay them to recruit and train creators to make content for their platforms

Why it’s of note: It’s not enough to just ‘create content’ - you need to understand the nuances. Meta missed a few trends and are having to make a slightly embarrassing move to outside instead of being able to grow from within. Meanwhile, Buzzfeed is going full circle - back to its roots in supplying social media content.

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🧗🏽‍♂️ 3. Melbourne’s newest public playground is made up of 24 massive boulders

What’s the deal: Two dozen rocks on wheels form an open play environment for kids to explore

Why it’s of note: As well as the main attraction, Rocks on Wheels encourages exploration by hiding away all kinds of unexpected objects: upcycled construction waste, a garden hose, toy cars, and miniature animals.

What’s more, there are no handrails or platforms. Different worlds are brought together. And everything is set up to provide multiple configurations and ways to explore. Just as learning, play - and life in general - should be.

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