What's in a name?

When Howard created his first ever workshop, a friend said to him “hey, you know you’re really good at synthesizing ideas…”.

It was only much later he realised that so much in the future of learning and work is the ability to synthesize. And there are things to synthesize everywhere.
When you think about that word - synthesize - maybe your mind goes to music. Ours definitely do. In fact, we think of much of our work as being like music.

If traditional education is a classical recital, the future of learning is a mixtape. And while teachers were forced to read and play from a pre-scripted sheet; the next generation of educators spin records, spit some rhymes, or try out some graffiti art. You're invited to dance, but if you can't - just nod your head. Because everyone's welcome here.

The design part is the work in the studio. Rhythms and grooves. Discord, loops, bridges and riffs.
The delivery is like the work of a DJ - being attuned to the vibe, and responding in kind. Sure, you add your unique flavor, but as every great DJ knows it’s about bringing the audience along and making them the focus - not you.

And bringing everything together is synthesizing.

One of the types of music synthesis was originally designed to produce natural tone-like sounds. It was the first computer based synthesizer, and one of the first instruments to harness the power of digital sampling.
It helped pave the way of new forms of creation, new ways of sharing, and new ways of connecting.
Just like music, the future of learning is culture, expression, generosity, connection. It's about bringing together digital and humans in new ways.

The name of that synthesizer? Wavetable.

And that first workshop Howard created?
How to create your own music festival, of course.

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