Dynamic experiences that bring people closer.

Partner with our team of designers, directors, and educators to create high-impact projects with learning and connection at their core.

We work with...

"an impressive blend of creativity, analytics, and empathy… a passion and dedication to learning completely shine through"

Shikha Mittal

Senior Manager, Experience Design
Deloitte Global

We create environments for...

New wave creatives to hit the world stage

Nobel prize winning scientists to become compelling storytellers

C-Suite leaders to get comfortable with deep technology

Entrepreneurs to share the real stories of building a business

Influencers to uncover new ways to share their ideas

6 year old kids to design their own music festivals

Choose your own adventure...

For your employees & teams

On-boarding Experiences | Workshops & Training Programs | Academies & Apprenticeships | Off-Sites & Retreats


Take a fresh approach to identifying, onboarding, and integrating new hires into your organization.


Create unforgettable learning journeys that build skills and capabilities for tomorrow’s world.


Offer meaningful events and experiences that build connection, sculpt culture and foster innovation.

For your customers, fans, and communities

Client & Customer Learning Labs | Summits & Conferences | Audience, Community & Fan Programs | Brand Platforms & Activations


Inspire, educate and empower your fans and communities with immersive learning programs and experiences.


Elevate your brand with best-in-class educational content and experiences. Create your own educational IP.


Unlock new revenue streams. Transform curious observers to delighted customers, and occasional engagers to trusted advocates.

Latest Studio Projects

Ideas and adventures for the future of learning

How about Einstein & Miquela surfing a technicolor VR wave?

Learning that feels more like Peloton than Harvard?

Or corporate training as game shows?

Check out our ideas on what's coming next.

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There’s a deep yearning for a greater sense of belonging, connection, and possibility. 

Brands becoming trusted advocates for positive change
Fans creating content and communities
Employees building more inclusive cultures
Creators offering more opportunities to go behind the scenes

Tomorrow’s most successful organizations will harness the power of experiential learning to bring these possibilities to life.

Wavetable Studio partners with companies, cities and creators to meaningfully deepen their connections with customers, employees, and fans.

Our team work with you to deliver powerful, unforgettable journeys of exploration, learning, and discovery.

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Wavetable vibes

“Education must not simply teach work; it must teach life."

W.E.B. DuBois

Our projects follow 3 key themes


Professional Adventures

Engage and activate audiences at a whole new level.

We create proprietary experiences that harness your brand’s assets and expertise to empower audiences to develop essential skills, knowledge, and confidence.


Experiential Activations

Inject the magic of experiential learning into spaces and places, both IRL & URL.

We co-create Pop-Up Learning Labs, Summits, Product Launches, & Digital Experiences - all with a sense of exploration, discovery, and adventure at the core.


LX Transformations

Reimagine your organization’s existing learning experiences and content.

Launch high-impact workshops or long-form skill academies; deliver more engaging onboarding experiences or meaningful company off-sites.



Whichever type of adventure you’re looking to build, co-develop it with us.

Design and launch new projects through innovation sprints, and 1:1 coaching and co-creation sessions.

Our Capabilities


Program Strategy
Audience Research
Go-to Market Strategy


Curriculum Design
Experience Design
Talent Programming


Curriculum Materials
Audio / Visual Assets
Interactive Production


Program Management

Our approach

‍Our proprietary S5 development model combines best-in-class active learning principles with powerful concepts from the worlds of performance coaching, behavioral science, human-centered design, and live entertainment.

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Don't just transfer.


Soul-destroying webinar


The anticipation of a big weekend in Berlin


Death by Powerpoint


Remixing real IP and ideas


Blank faces and vacant gazes


Feeling part of a tribe where you belong

Tomorrow’s most successful brands won’t just create things to behold.

They’ll open up their IP and empower fans, partners and talent to create and collaborate.
And they’ll use education as their new secret weapon.

The next generation of impactful products and experiences will be found in the space between community, entertainment, and education.

Sidequests, not semesters

In between an overdose of information & compulsive multitasking is the persistent hunger for another episode.
For an easter egg, a new season. One more die or try. 

We asked ourselves: why shouldn't learning feel like that next, new episode?

With a focus more on sidequests than semesters, we use storytelling, drama and gamification to usher education into the delight, surprise and anticipation that comes with the stories we love to stream.

Together, we turn brands into interactive journeys, intellectual property into unforgettable experiences, fans into founding communities, and employees into advocates.

3 is the magic number.

Our work is based on 3 simple principles:

1. Real things happen

2. You want to come back

3. There’s a new way to engage with... anything

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Ways to engage

July 3, 2020

How to run a workshop for the C-suite

July 3, 2020


July 3, 2020

5 ways to run better remote workshops

How conversations start...

“I don’t know how to get people activated and engaged around this topic”

“How can we bring our brand to life in ways that are more relevant?”

“Which opportunities are there for us to do something more meaningful for our audience?”

“How could we improve the training and development we offer?”

“What else can we do with our assets and IP?

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Ikke Norman

Chief Creative Officer

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Ikke Norman

Chief Creative Officer

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Ikke Norman

Chief Creative Officer

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