Of Note - #6 - Engineers as bloggers, a Rom-Com with 17 endings, and Duolingo open a museum

Some of the most innovative companies and creators are harnessing the power of Inside Out dynamics. They’re sharing behind the scenes access, elevating unheard voices, and turning  cost centers into fresh opportunities for growth.

Here are three examples from the past couple of weeks:

👩🏽‍💻 1. Engineers become Bloggers

Companies like Uber and Shopify are turning to in-house resources to spread the word.

Why it’s of note: Employees creating material about their work can act as a powerful force to increase transparency, share the inside track of the team and company culture, provide resources to other professionals, and entice people to join the company. It’s been a growing trend for developers and engineers - where else could this show up?

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🥰  2. Your Mr. Right

Verizon back a mobile-first, player-driven romantic comedy with 17 different endings.

Why it’s of note: First, we’re big fans of Choose Your Own Adventure dynamics. Second, the project is produced by Paul Feig’s company Powderkeg who are on a mission make Hollywood more diverse and accessible by elevating female and LGBTQ creators and filmmakers of color. Third, ‘Your Mr Right’ is backed by Verizon. They’re looking to get Hollywood talent to produce mobile content - which leads to more material that’s up-close, personal, and unvarnished.

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🇯🇵  3. Duolingo’s Museum of Wonky English

A museum with a difference opens in Tokyo

Why it’s of note:  here’s a counter-inituitive way of viewing learning: mistakes often are the pedagogy. Duolingo love to lean into the mistakes. They’re masters at creating fun around something that usually feels frustrating.

Combining their treasure trove of memes, data, design and community input has led to a fully fledged museum. Brand awareness, owning a category, and encouraging exploration - all in one.

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