DIG: CIT Orientation

Flipping the first day at work into a unique set of board games.


The team at DIG wanted to re-imagine their Hourly Employee Orientation session, giving them a “wow” moment the day they start.

Built specifically for CIT’s (Chef’s in Training), we transformed the session from an HR style presentation into an interactive game filled experience.

The Setup

    The existing Orientation session was solid enough, but had a few issues:

    • Unused valuable time during paperwork processing
    • Valuable in-person time spent on tech support or having to turn people away if they didn't have everything they needed
    • Feedback embedded, but no knowledge checks
    • Functional over fun
    • Lots of information for one session
    • No Pass/Fail element
    • No games
    • Only 1 video and 2 activities
    • Dependent on delivery by specific team members
    • Difficult to scale across the fleet

    The Solution

    Custom DIG Flavor Wheel - a tool for describing food

    We created a “design hub” where our team and DIG's team could collaborate on the re-design of the session and surrounding materials using two of our favorite collaboration tools, Notion and Whimsical.

    The process to get to our packaged session was as follows:

    • 6 weeks to create V1
    • V1 pilot session
    • 3 weeks further development for V2
    • V2 pilot session
    • 2 weeks fine tuning
    • 1 week packaging

    The Experience

    The experience boiled down to the following:

    • Interactive introduction with knowledge checks using the time effectively while all participants have to go through paperwork processing
    • Part 1: Game arcade - 3 games to get people energize and engaged, all the while learning about DIG’s values, non-negotiables and uniform standards
    • Part 2: Special Powers - learning about what makes DIG special with slides, quick exercises, and video content
    • Part 3: Out into the real world - getting into the shoes of what it’s like to be a chef at DIG with an interactive taste test and “market line” (i.e. service counter) puzzle game
    • Part 4: the Grand Finale - a game show style buzzer lightning round to double down on the important learnings form the session, followed by a final digital knowledge check, prize and merch giveaway
    Updated session slides


    • Pre-email reminder + instructional content about what to bring and how to download the needed apps
    • Activities and reading materials taken out of the “live session” and created individual learning experiences with knowledge checks
    • Dense information moved OUT of orientation into digital resources as reference material with learning checks
    • Put the FUN in functional with Serious/Fun elements
    • Clear pass/fail expectations
    • Gamification throughout
    • Prizes with carrot cards!
    • 9 audio experiences
    • 5 original games
    • 6 original videos in the deck
    • 4 original videos as part of pre & post email content
    • 3 original videos for the learning gym
    • 3 data capture points built into the session
    • 3 data capture points as part of the “learning gym” (a dedicated training space on DIG's digital learning platform)

    Interactive materials:

    • Originally designed deck of DIG game cards
    • Completely original DIG “Flavor wheel”
    • Lighting round buzzers
    • Dice

    The Payoff

    The CIT Orientation session differentiates DIG from other companies, makes new employees feel part of something special, as well as acting as an alternative form of second interview where leaders can observe new hires in a more hands-on environment.

    It's now rolling out to the fleet in its in-person guise - and plans are afoot for a digital edition too...

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    DIG: CIT Orientation
    Flipping the first day at work into a unique set of board games.

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