Of Note - #4 - NYC Trees, Foot Locker creator talent, and Wolfram Alpha live streams

What happens inside organizations can make a big impact outside, too. Here are 3 examples of Inside Out dynamics that the team have spotted this week: from tree huggers, sneaker lovers, and a scientific genius.

🌳 1. New York City Street Tree Map

NYC Parks department has created the world’s most accurate and detailed map of a city’s street trees (over 675,000 and counting).

Why it’s of note: Who said city government websites had to be boring? This explorable resource lets citizens tag their favorite trees, record caretaking activities, and meet fellow tree lovers. And the resource wouldn’t have been possible without activating over 2,200 volunteers to capture the data.

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👟 2. Foot Locker unlock employee talent

The sneaker chain’s new social media campaign features past and present employee talent

Why it’s of note: Don’t underestimate the untapped tacit knowledge and creativity inside your workforce. In a time when many companies want to be able to do more with less, giving your employees a platform to become more visible both inside and outside the org is a good move. And smart companies are building fresh upskilling programs to support this work (hint: we help them do this…)

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🧬 3. Live stream the secrets

Stephen Wolfram, billionaire founder of Wolfram Alpha, makes mission-critical product development sessions available to anyone

Why it’s of note: You may have heard of students live-streaming study sessions. How about one of the world’s foremost physicists openly sharing their thought process, product plan, and decision making methods - all in the real time? Wolfram live streams both his team working sessions and his own solo 5-hour long work logs

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