Transform your content and experiences - from 2D to 3D.

Ambitious leaders utilize Wavetable’s E3 Studio to create remarkable story-based learning and marketing that engages and educates.

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Education. Entertainment. Engagement.

For leaders at companies where education is an essential part of doing business - for their employees, customers, or communities - we help elevate assets and talent through transformative, story-driven learning and marketing.

Wavetable E3 Studio is your secret weapon to develop incredible experiences, content and products to delight and educate the people who drive your business forward.

We transform slide decks into interactive game arcades; webinars to immersive workshops; instructional videos to must-see edutainment; and rough sketches into full-scale worlds.

And we do it all using our proprietary Edutainment 3.0 model - combining Pedagogy, Storytelling, Community and Game Mechanics.

Build your own adventure

We like to think of our studio as a modular synthesizer (yes, we're also music nerds).

Source, Processor and Logic Modules are building blocks that perform different functions.
Connect them to create something truly unique.


Service based components. Whether small or large, they're the human elements that are key to creating magic.

Defining and driving decisions aligned to your business objectives is key to success.

We can help you make smart decisions with a strategy for learning & growth initiatives - spanning stakeholder interviews, research & competitor analysis, concept, persona & model development, brand audit, positioning framework & territory development, brand values, go to market, and more.

Available as: per project, retained

Creative Direction

Need an injection of  creativity to elevate your learning or edutainment initiatives? We’re here to brainstorm, concept, script, brief, and fine-tune

Available as: Ad hoc, deliverable-based, retained

Production Support

Successfully producing projects is never as easy as it looks. We’re on hand to review creative and storyboards, through to building out full production processes and workflows.

Available as: per project, retained


Facilitation is hard! We know it first hand, having facilitated 100s of sessions across the globe and online. Having someone impartial to be your  guide can be hugely valuable for events, workshops, team retros, brainstorming and much more. Utilize our facilitation team, or hire us to help train your trainers.

Available as: project based, advisory

Coaching & Consulting

We're here to be your LXD guides, offering our expertise to co-create learning experiences, consult on your next program, and coach in 1:1 environments.

Available as: ad hoc, ongoing consulting,  office hours


Source modules create specific outputs. They can be activated individually, but make the greatest impact when combined with other modules.

Games are a powerful tool to help people learn without even realizing. They can take the form of escape rooms, card & board games, interactive audio + video, and more!

Available as: Digital, Multimedia, Physical / Tabletop


Activities are micro learning building blocks. They help build a skill, simulate scenarios, and challenge participants to apply learned knowledge. Activities include digital exercises, video & audio interactions, scenario challenges, and more.

Available as: live or asynchronous; in-person, online or hybrid

Edutainment Content

Edutainment combines education & entertainment. But what does that look like? Social content that serves as both marketing & training material; educational brand activations; team meetings as TV productions; video explainers, & much more…

Available as: live events, video & audio

Design Assets

Good design is the key to creating positive experiences. We concept, design and beautify assets to enhance people’s learning experience. Whether it’s decks, posters, worksheets, visual aids - all the pieces matter.

Available as: design templates, illustrations & graphics


Resources and access to tools and information that meet people where they are will save you time and money, and increase reach and impact. They can take the form of coaching guides, video production processes, software evaluation frameworks, and beyond.

Available as: books, guides, interactive surveys, databases, micro programs

Digital Products

We have a whole host of digital tools that we love to use and share with our clients, but sometimes you just need to build or test your own. We’ll help you prototype, test and build the tools and widgets you need to move your business forward.

Available as: Scoped based on project


These larger modules can produce serious noise. They can contain multiple Source Modules, or even other Processor Modules.

Events galvanize action, creativity & change. We’ll help you design and deliver live learning experiences packed with interaction, engagement, education and inspiration.

Available as: Labs (pre-packaged workshops), Workshops (bespoke), Off-Sites, Summits & Conferences - all available online or in person.


Doing things efficiently with the right tools can save money, time and your sanity. We can review how you're doing things and recommend & design improvements.

Available as: Process Design, Process Review & Recommendations, Workflow Implementation


You may think of these shorter form Learning Experiences as Classes, Labs, or Workshops. Modules are often part of a bigger program and can be stand alone or with valuable add-ons like modes coaching, office hours, and time-boxed challenges.

Available as: in person, online, or hybrid

Edutainment Series

To make a lasting mark why not create an edutainment series? The new world of Edutainment 3.0 is rich and vast: lean into storytelling, community, toolkits, games, and beyond.

Available as: audio, video, live events, interactive, mixed media


Programs are longer form learning experiences (i.e. lasting multiple weeks or months). They’re built by combining a wide range of other processor, logic, & source components (i.e. strategy, design, activities and potentially much more depending on the context and need)

Available as: in person, online, hybrid

Featured Work

DIG x Wavetable: CIT Orientation
Creating an interactive game-filled Orientation for new hourly employees
DIG x Wavetable: CIT Orientation
Creating an interactive game-filled Orientation for new hourly employees
Learning Ecosystem
DIG x Wavetable: DIG Academy
Making small bets to develop a category-defining education platform for a mission-driven cooking company
Wasserman x Wavetable: Creating a team Off-Site that’s worth the 2 year wait
Fostering fresh thinking, new connections and co-creation vibes for a global leader in experiential marketing
Learning Lab
WeTransfer x Wavetable: Building team awareness & collaboration
Instilling greater synchronicity and connection for a remote creative team
Micro Program
The New York Times x Wavetable: storytelling program
Mastering the art of presentation with the Audience Insights Group at The New York Times.
Content Creation
DIG x Wavetable: Winter Menu campaign
Showrunning a video series blending education and entertainment
Product Marketing
Amplitude x Wavetable: Product Education goes interactive
Co-creating new paths to community engagement with product evangelist John Cutler.
Live Experience
XP Conference x Wavetable: Experiential Workshop Program
Co-creating the future of MENA’s creative industry at the inaugural XP Conference
Accelerator Program x Wavetable: AMP NYC accelerator program
Designing AMP NYC: New York’s finest small business accelerator.

The outsize impact of making Small Bets

A lot of people are scared of work in progress. Most big firms don’t like iterative work, instead only focusing on the most polished delivery - which you usually end up waiting for. And paying for.

Ultimately, for people who unlock growth, it’s about getting things moving. Because you learn more by doing - and even more by starting.

E3 Studio enables you to put multiple things in motion, and do more with less.

Together we’ll make small, smart bets that add up to more than the sum of their parts.

We’ll deploy an agile team of Wavetable LX Creators, designed to integrate into your culture and workflows. 

Our setup uses both Microscope and Telescope: Vision and Operations; Getting it Done; and looking ahead at What's Next.

Before & After

Passive customer, client or employee experiences
Interactive game arcades
Dry instructional content
Must-share edutainment series
Same-old sessions
Events packed with transformative moments

Kickstart a transformation. Make it engaging, connected, and magical.


Interconnected and integrated projects mean we can find hidden efficiencies and maximize what’s possible.


Develop IP, initiatives, and new businesses that can stand alone or with each other. 


E3 Studio is designed to plug into your existing operations with minimum fuss. We also integrate with hundreds of tools - from Zoom to Zapier, Powerpoint to Premiere. 


Our studio team brings creative flair and diverse thinking from the worlds of branding, entertainment and media, all underpinned with best practices in learning science. 

How it works


Select & Scope

Know what you're looking for? Drop us a message and tell us what you're interested in.

Not sure? Start with a Live Scoping session. This is a guided induction process to share your ideas, challenges, context and desired outcomes. Through a structured process we'll offer thought partnership to provide clarity and create something magical.


Refine & Prototype

You’ll link up with a dedicated E3 Studio team to kick things off.

Together we’ll scope out a single project, or create a backlog of multiple small bets that we’ll refine and prioritize.


Build & Launch

We’ll design, build and launch - going from concept to live in no more than 90 days (and for smaller projects, far less).

Whichever route you take, you’ll get access to our team, tools and methodologies every step of the way.

And once everything is shipped, we’ll run a full retrospective with you and the team.


How much does this cost?

E3 Studio costs are based on 6-week sprint project sizes ranging from XS to XXL projects. We'll scope out the projects and decide their size based on complexity, time and team requirements.

Book a no-strings discovery conversation and we can talk through what you need and provide a quote.

Who’s in the team?

Our Studio team is made up of a group of dedicated Learning Experience creators (a.k.a. LX creators – which also happens to be a new and valuable job category!). They synthesize deep and broad expertise across live entertainment, higher education, digital media, corporate training, film production, and storytelling. The team uses a stack of cutting-edge digital tools to deliver work that’s remarkable, efficient, and agile.

How does it work?

E3 Studio relationships typically involve us working closely with 1-2 talent, learning, innovation and/or marketing leaders in your team to plan a backlog of projects, research, activations, and so on. 

We work on the basis of a 6 week sprint cycle, most clients need 2 or more sprints but is completely dependant on the scope of work.

How many people are involved?

We’ll typically deploy either three or five of our LX Creators and Producers. We’ve found this number of team members maximize outputs and creativity, and minimizes communication drag.

It’s probably no coincidence that basketball and soccer - two of the most dynamic team sports around - are always best with this many people on the team.


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