Create more meaningful moments

Deliver ‘had-to-be-there’ experiences that inspire, educate and empower the people who matter most.

You’re seeking something


You want to offer something innovative, memorable, and dynamic without breaking the bank or burning resources.


You know your audience is seeking something more meaningful, but what does that mean beyond yet another boring Zoom webinar or flat-pack panel session?


You want to offer your people an experience they’ll value, but you don’t have the bandwidth to create this by yourself (and why would you?)


You notice people seem to be struggling for inspiration and lack room to move, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is.

In Action: Wasserman

A global leader in experiential marketing asked us to create a unique team off-site experience to foster fresh thinking, make deeper connections, and co-create unexpected ideas.

Inside or Out.
We’ve got you covered.

You’d love to provide a place for people to come together and exchange ideas, create new ones, build upon each other's knowledge, and learn collaboratively.

And like most people, you’re looking for agility, responsiveness and flexible costs. 

That’s why our bespoke experiences are produced with best-in-class experience design, educational craft, and entrepreneurial thinking.



We’ll create unique and special gathering points for your team to come together in a meaningful way.

Encourage dialogue, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Foster community, deepen relationships, build trust. Provide opportunities for growth and development. Find alignment on what matters most for individuals, the team, and the business.



We help companies communicate more clearly, reduce friction, and share opportunities and knowledge with their stakeholders.

You can bring us in to design workshops within a larger conference or event, create unique pop-up fan experiences, or build complete customer summits to share knowledge and product innovations. 

Our approach

The inside track on how we create 'had to be there' moments

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Breaking it all down

We believe in the power of bringing the inside out. This is how we do it:

Wavetable Experiences are designed and crafted by hand, built by our dedicated Learning Experience creators (a.k.a. LX creators – which also happens to be a new and valuable job category!).

Each experience utilizes our proprietary LX methodology, and synthesizes our team’s deep and broad expertise across live entertainment, education, product development, corporate training, executive coaching, film production, and storytelling.

The result? An eclectic blend of colorful content, stories, case studies, tools, resources, games, and activities.

Always active, always on, and always ready to create meaningful moments for companies like yours.

Our capabilities


Commercial Strategy
Audience Research
Event Strategy


Experience Design
Content Design


Curation & Programming
AV & Interactive
Asset Development & Production


Hosting & Moderation
Program Management

Eclectic &
Electric vibes

Real-world applicable

As part of wider initiatives around change, innovation, and growth, attendees will work on real-world live projects.

A big part of our Labs is empowering attendees to ladder the session’s work into their day-to-day so that they can apply their learnings straight away.

Built for today, and tomorrow

To paraphrase Doc Brown from Back to the Future: You want roads? Where we’re going, there are no roads.

It’s critical we build on what’s been learned in the past years of pandemic, and what’s happening right now.

One thing we’re sure about is that we’re not going back to the nostalgic halcyon days of yore. You can still listen to that 90s playlist, though (we do, too).

Holistic, Configurable

We go all in for the holistic approach by offering mixed modes and vibes, including co-creation, active learning, gamified experiences and solo reflection.

All our Labs are configured to your needs and goals, and we’ll weave in your unique brand identity and story, too.


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