Creating a team Off-Site that’s worth the 2 year wait


Fostering fresh thinking, new connections and co-creation vibes for a global leader in experiential marketing

“How do we make the most of in-person time together?”

Wasserman is one of the world’s leading entertainment marketing and talent management companies. Their experiential marketing division had been growing fast, and the team leaders wanted to bring 75 of their people together in-person for the first time in 2 years.

They’d grown by over 30% in a year, and in challenging conditions had delivered cutting-edge work to some of the world’s most renowned brands.

What could they offer the team that would be meaningful, valuable, and engaging?

And how could they deliver it in to them just a few hours… and at 2 weeks notice? (After all, live events had been kinda touch and go for the last little while…)

A cross-functional group of Wasserman leaders asked us to deliver an experience that would offer valuable learning moments, catalyze fresh thinking, and bring the vibes.

Our Solution: A co-creation workshop laced with external & internal inspiration

(plus a hat-tip to Warhol and Virgil)

image: Rob Tringali

Held at the Fotografiska photography museum in NYC, a six-story, 45,000-square-foot Renaissance Revival landmark, we designed the day with two themes in mind.

In the morning we tapped into inspiration from teammates, ourselves, and the wider world - learning how to spot trends; map hype cycles; and explore our own curiosities - including taking a fresh look at incredible photography from the likes of Andy Warhol, Sarah Moon, and Anders Petersen.

In the afternoon we transported the team elsewhere: to the year 2041, to be exact. Working on a brief to create the future of family travel - they had 90 minutes to distill 32 ideas into 1 polished pitch.

Oh, and they had to incorporate some of Virgil Abloh’s 7 design principles into their concept. No sweat.

What they said…

“The best work-sponsored training I’ve been a part of. Absolutely excellent.”

“Loved the pacing and how the content was layered in to build over our time there, reinforcing key learnings throughout the day.”

“Everything was super interesting and inspirational.”

“I’m blown away. This was so much fun and I loved the way it made me think & helped me grow as a creative.”

“Very inspiring and helped me think outside the box.”



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