Inspire and empower your people for what’s next.

Interactive talks and workshops to expand your people's perspective.

“After almost two years of getting used to working remotely we needed some inspiration on how to think differently, motivate ourselves and approach challenges in new ways.

And Wavetable's Learning Lab did just that! Interactive, informative and fun (yes, really) the workshop changed our team processes for the better.”
Holly Fraser / Editor-in-Chief, WePresent/WeTransfer

In Action: 

WePresent - WeTransfer's digital arts and editorial platform - invited us to help their team operate at their best, design more collaborative online experiences, and approach their work in new ways.

Eclectic &
Electric vibes

Real-world applicable

As part of wider initiatives around change, innovation, and growth, attendees will work on real-world live projects.

A big part of our Labs is empowering attendees to ladder the session’s work into their day-to-day so that they can apply their learnings straight away.

Built for today, and tomorrow

To paraphrase Doc Brown from Back to the Future: You want roads? Where we’re going, there are no roads.

It’s critical we build on what’s been learned in the past years of pandemic, and what’s happening right now.

One thing we’re sure about is that we’re not going back to the nostalgic halcyon days of yore. You can still listen to that 90s playlist, though (we do, too).

Holistic, Configurable

We go all in for the holistic approach by offering mixed modes and vibes, including co-creation, active learning, gamified experiences and solo reflection.

All our Labs are configured to your needs and goals, and we’ll weave in your unique brand identity and story, too.

“The best-run companies over the next ten years are not going to be the companies that are the best at hybrid…

...they're going to be companies that take the choice of having people have actually a much deeper level of human interaction much more frequently.”
Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz


Most of the questions we get asked frequently we’ve already weaved through these pages, so there shouldn’t be a strong need for FAQs.

However, we believe some questions are frequently unasked:

How long does an experience last?

Experiences are available in three formats:
1) Talks: 30-60 minutes
2) Workshop: either as a full day, or a 2-3 hour Express session
2) Micro Programs: 1-2 week sprint-style, these are designed to fit around the team's day-to-day. Micro Programs typically include two live workshops plus additional coaching and office hours sessions with our team.

How many people can you work with as a maximum?

We find these experiences to be particularly effective for teams of 8-20 people. However, we've run very successful sessions for groups of over 300 participants. Scaling up and down is part of our process.

What do you provide?

We'll provide everything the team need for an engaging and connected learning experience: content, activities, facilitation, vibes, follow up resources, and more. You just provide the people and the place (online or in-person).

Can you do things in-person?

We can indeed. All our sessions can be delivered online, in-person or as blended experiences. Just let us know what suits you best.

Can you help us with ongoing programming?

Yes! We can help you end-to-end with live experiences: from strategy and curation through to experience design, talent programming, production, and hosting. Get in touch to tell us about your project.


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