Accelerator program for NYC's creative business owners

How could NYC help its media & entertainment business owners to thrive?

New York is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world - in no small part because of its incredible media & entertainment industry, valued at $10bn+ and responsible for 400,000 jobs.

But the City Government were hearing small business entrepreneurs in the industry were frustrated.

The market was evolving quickly, becoming increasingly competitive, and facing disruption from several angles. 

Founders didn’t feel equipped to fulfil their potential.

How could the city help founders in this vibrant and valuable sector continue to thrive?

Following a comprehensive 12-month research phase, the solution was announced:

  • A first of its kind 3-month accelerator program
  • Tailor-made for startup founders ready to take their companies to the next level
  • Presented by Small Business Services and the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment

However, a traditional education program wouldn’t be enough.

This program had to meet exacting standards of the city government while being valuable, engaging, and inspiring for established entrepreneurs in one of the most competitive markets in the world

Working alongside the city and their program partners, we were brought in to design and deliver an immersive, dynamic learning experience.

After a rigorous selection process, the pilot program started in April 2018 with a diverse cohort of 20 founders. They worked across the spectrum of the city’s media & entertainment industry, and represented all 5 boroughs.

Following a hugely successful first cohort, the city greenlit two 2019 editions, also extending the remit of the curriculum.

Taking our learnings from the pilot, we reshaped the learning experience into a finely-tuned program that has now served over 60 of NYC’s most exciting creative businesses.

What they say...

"AMP was like a Swiss Army Knife - extensive, comprehensive and resourceful. It helped me find my own voice."
Gwen Waldron, 345 Design"
With AMP we found our secret sauce."
Rachel Doyon, Collabarét
"Through the program we discovered the essence of who we are, and rebuilt our story from there."
Ian Busching, Dig Down Media
"I came in with an MVP and walked out with a business ready to be a very big company."
José Francisco Avila, GALENT
"Through AMP I built my company culture. I transformed myself from manager to leader, now the business is ready to take off."
Lucien Harriot, Mechanism Digital
"This program made me feel like I belong in the ecosystem. I found my purpose."
Cavaughn J. Noel, Fabric



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