You and your work deserve to stand out.

With Client Magic, you'll transform your client interactions into engaging ‘had to be there’ experiences.

Become an experience magician

In this 5-module course, our expert team will transform you into a confident client experience creator. You’ll learn key tools and techniques to elevate your craft and career:

  1. Present with confidence to clients
  2. Design engaging experiences for senior stakeholders
  3. Close high-value sales deals
  4. Become more engaging and compelling in your work

Recognize any of these...?

  1. Client meetings feel flat and don’t do the work - or you - justice
  2. Difficulty getting buy-in and budget from executives
  3. Challenges in demonstrating the real value of your work
  1. A lack of confidence and clarity presenting work to senior clients
  2. Tough to get a sense of whether a presentation is going well
  3. Workshop sessions don’t feel dynamic or focused

Designing client experiences is hard.

Clients are difficult to deal with. There’s a strange dynamic between you and them, and you’re under pressure to perform.

Worse, maybe you don’t have much time to present to the client, or they brought along their CEO who you’ve never met. Gulp.

Perhaps your wifi connection is lagging, or the conference room setup sucks. Everyone is juggling multiple priorities competing for their attention.

And you know you need to stand out.

Designing and delivering client experiences - presentations, reviews, workshops, pitches, retros - is hard!

I know this first hand. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve crumbled, crumpled, fumbled or mumbled my way through important high-stakes interactions (sometimes all four at once).

But through 15+ years of delivering work to Fortune 100 C-suite executives, high-flying creative artists, non-profit leaders, startup founders, and 5 year old kids (tough crowd), I’ve learned many best practices and a few magic tricks.

Alongside my team here at Wavetable, I’m here to help you make your client experiences magical.

Welcome to Client Magic.

Howard, CEO - Wavetable

“I've run hundreds of workshops and had the luck to collaborate with many world-class facilitators. I learned so much during this course.

While taking the course I unexpectedly needed to design and deliver two new workshops. It was clear to me what I was learning had a direct, positive impact on the quality of workshops I ran.”
Zach Nies - Managing Director, Techstars Sustainability

this course is for

Consultants and Freelancers working with senior client stakeholders

Independent Consultant | Freelance Practitioner

You need your value proposition and work to resonate more deeply with clients and customers

Agency professionals who need to win clients over to their  ideas

Account Director | Strategist | Creative Director | Team Lead

Your presentations, workshops and client calls lack collaboration and interactivity in a remote/hybrid world

Sales & Biz Dev teams who need to sell complex, high value offerings

Inside Sales | Business Development | Sales Development

You want new ways to talk about your offerings and create opportunities for engagement and education

Let's create some client magic

Building your muscle in content design and presentation is a marathon, not a sprint.

This course will walk through key methods and techniques you can apply in your daily work routine.

We’ll pay special attention to the science of learning, using storytelling and narrative, and applying different modes, tools and formats.

Whether it’s a client workshop, pitch session, chemistry meeting or business review, you’ll be primed and ready to offer experiences that are worth everyone’s time and energy - and lead to lasting growth and connection..

What's inside?

  1. Over 60 bitesize videos
  2. Real examples and case studies
  3. Templates and design assets
  4. Full demo pitch presentation
  5. 3 practice scenarios
  6. Creative prompts
  7. Lifetime access
  8. Ongoing updates with new content and frameworks

You'll learn how to...

Design the perfect environment for any client interaction

  1. Use learning science fundamentals to create a positive and valuable session
  2. Transform any meeting into an interactive, engaging experience
  3. Ensure people can synthesize information and avoid overwhelm or confusion

Use different modes and formats to communicate ideas

  1. Apply best practices in creating teachable - and learnable - content
  2. Modify your approach for a range of audiences
  3. Utilize a magic box of creative tools to make your work stand out

Present and guide with poise and finesse

  1. Become a more compelling storyteller and communicator
  2. Use facilitation skills to unlock client insights and support positive discourse
  3. Overcome technical and human challenges so you feel confident and in control

Check out a sample lesson:

Instantly applicable

The course is designed to be tangible, useful, and immediately applicable into your here and now.

You’ll be able to design dynamic environments to share the work, connect with clients, and make the end-to-end experience feel like magic.

Maybe you’re putting together a new project, or a big milestone is suddenly racing into view. Think of this course as your secret weapon, available just when you need it.

Big client meeting in two weeks?
Elevate it to a new level

Quarterly business review?
Create the environment for everyone to feel heard

Pitching to a new client?
Tune it to make it about them, not you

Renegotiating a contract?
Tell the hidden story of the past, present, and future of your work

Presenting creative work?
Provide the platform it deserves

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The full course on designing engaging client experiences to make you and your work stand out

What's included:

  1. Over 60 bitesize videos
  2. Packed with examples, assignments and exercises
  3. 3 practice scenarios
  4. Templates, assets and session maps
  5. Creative prompts
  6. Lifetime access


Bulk pricing, private cohorts and custom training for teams

Custom offers:

  1. Bulk pricing for 3+ seats
  2. Unlimited license for larger teams
  3. Private cohorts
  4. Custom training programs

Capabilities that last

This course isn't about writing cold sales emails or the latest strategy frameworks.

It focuses on the storytelling, leadership and communication skills that you need to be more effective in your work and operate at more senior levels of business.

So, if you want to move from frustration and fear to excitement and flow, then come and join us to explore how to create client magic.

Course overview

5 Weeks of Intensive Learning with Weekly Assignments

Over 60 bitesize videos packed with examples and real stories, plus assignments, exercises and templates for you to work through. Follow the weekly program or learn at your own pace.`

Module 1: 
Understanding Humans

Understand how humans synthesize information

Create the right environment and conditions for effective learning, retention, and connection

Module 2: 
Structure & Design

Use a set of proven frameworks to structure any live experience

Apply a range of design approaches to set up your content and delivery for success

Module 3: 
Formats & Modes

Implement a range of exciting creative tools to elevate your work

Translate and extend your content into different formats and delivery modes

Module 4: 
Content & Story Building

Implement narrative into an experience

Harness the power of storytelling for any client interaction

Module 5: 
Delivery & Performance

Run any live experience with poise and finesse

Overcome challenges and reduce the fear factor

Check out a sample lesson:

Meet your guide

Howard Gray

Founder & CEO, Wavetable

Howard is founder of Wavetable, a creative studio helping individuals and organizations grow from the inside out.

Howard has designed and led over 300 workshops and interactive learning experiences for clients across the globe. He also spent 10 years in digital media & entertainment as a producer, event promoter, talent agent, DJ, and entrepreneur.

As well as leading Wavetable, Howard is also a member of the advisory board of SXSW, a regular speaker and podcast guest, and a certified professional coach.

Perhaps most importantly, he's in an ongoing search for the perfect breakfast. 🍳

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The full course on designing engaging client experiences to make you and your work stand out

What's included:

  1. Over 60 bitesize videos
  2. Packed with examples, assignments and exercises
  3. 3 practice scenarios
  4. Templates, assets and session maps
  5. Creative prompts
  6. Lifetime access


Bulk pricing, private cohorts and custom training for teams

Custom offers:

  1. Bulk pricing for 3+ seats
  2. Unlimited license for larger teams
  3. Private cohorts
  4. Custom training programs
“Everything you need to design your workshop from start to finish.

There's a whole bunch of cool stuff around the science of learning and learning design to build into your foundational stages of planning.

The weekly live sessions were invaluable in that someone always asked that right (ruthless) questions to ensure you're pushing yourself to design for a specific target audience.”
Amanda Powell, Founder, Common Curious
an impressive blend of creativity, analytics, and empathy… a passion and dedication to learning completely shine through
Shikha Mittal / Senior Manager, Experience Design - Deloitte Global
“Cracking the code of designing engaging learning environments is what these guys understand and deliver”
Todd Hansen  / Executive Producer Web Summit


You may have some things on your mind. We'll aim to answer them here.

Can I get my company to pay for this?

We hope so! Many organizations have L&D, training and professional development budgets that you can use to help pay for the course. Feel free to put your manager in touch with us.

Can I pay by invoice?

Sure thing. Send an email and we'll get you set up.

Is there a discount for buying multiple seats?

There is! Send an email and we'll get you set up.

Do I have to follow the 5 week schedule?

No, you don't have to. You get lifetime access to all of the materials on day 1 and can study at your own pace. That said there's a lot of materials so we suggest pacing yourself with the weekly emails!

I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?

If you’re following the 5-week cadence, we recommend 4-6 hours per week. But you can go at your own pace!

Do I get a certificate when I complete the course?

Yes! You'll receive a digital certificate when you complete the course materials.

Can I book a private 1:1 if I did not purchase the Professional edition?

Yes! If you decide once you've completed the course that you wish you had booked another tier for more personal feedback, you can purchase a 1:1 coaching session separately. Just email us.

Why isn’t this a cohort-based course?

We love cohort-based learning, and we’ll likely launch a cohort version soon, but we felt the self-paced option was a better initial fit for this topic. If you want something for your specific needs with a live element, our workshops are a great option. Contact us to learn more.

Do you offer parity pricing?

It’s on our roadmap. We hope to have something in place soon. For now, if you are facing financial hardship, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Can I get a refund?

There's a 30-day money back guarantee. If you've watched the videos and still aren't getting value then send us an email within 30 days and we'll refund you.

I have more questions...

No problem. Get in touch!