All aboard the workshop express

Workshop Creator Express is a fast-paced, high-energy skills safari. Give your people a unique opportunity to develop their skills, unlock innovation, and build connection.


4 Modules. 4 Mindsets.
4 Waves.

Your team will go on an interactive journey through our all 4 of our Workshop Creation Mindsets - working in teams to ideate, iterate, collaborate, and refine ideas.

Everyone will walk away with their own unique workshop canvas, a toolkit of resources, plus increased confidence to design and facilitate any flavor of workshop.

Along the way you'll build skills in process design, critical thinking, facilitation and storytelling.

How we roll

The workshop is available either as a 2.5 hour express session, or as a 2-day deep dive. Here's what to expect:

The workshop takes place online, and can run for groups of almost any size (we've run sessions for 6 people and 170).
Before the workshop we'll provide some pre-materials, but it's fine to join the session without any prep required.
During the workshop, our team will be on hand to support, challenge and guide in equal measure.
After four rapid-fire sprints, we'll run a short reflection exercise before opening things up for Q&A.
You'll be amazed how much can happen.

WORKshop creator alumni work at companies like:

Is this for you?

Organizations that join our workshops are in a huge range of industries: from technology to hospitality; sustainability to education; brand strategy to entertainment.

Workshop Creator is a perfect fit for:

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Why join us?

Unlock your team's potential

Transform skills and expertise into interactive content and experiences

Move from passive to active

Build the skills to lead, guide, and support a group as a facilitator and storyteller

Inspire and connect

Connect with peers and clients in more engaging ways, and leave them wanting more

Here's who you'll learn with...

Your host

This program is led by me, Howard Gray.

I'm an entrepreneur, educator, and coach based in NYC.

I've designed and facilitated education experiences spanning 1 hour workshops to long-form accelerator programs (and just about everything in between), and for audiences ranging from senior leaders at Fortune 100 companies to early stage entrepreneurs and 5 year old kids.

I'm a facilitator with leading international education companies Decoded and Hyper Island, a mentor at The New School and BUILD NYC, a member of the SXSW advisory board, and a certified professional coach for established professionals working in creative and digital fields.

Some of the companies I've worked with include Spotify, GE, IBM, Mastercard, Stella McCartney, NBC Universal,, and UBS, to name just a few.

I also host the ‘Tickets’ podcast, featuring guests from companies such as Airbnb, The New York Times, Sonar Festival and Duolingo, and am on an ongoing search for the perfect breakfast.

What they say...

We've run Express sessions for creative communities, government departments, technology professionals, and many more. Here's what some of our attendees say:

"BOOM – mind-blowingly inspiring!"
"Had a great time. Thanks so much Howard!!"
"Thank you! It was awesome!"
"Wow! I learned SO MUCH"
"Wonderful workshop"
"Delightfully meta"
"Thanks. Excellent workshop 👍"
"Thank you so much. Very useful."

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