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Everything you need to design and deliver interactive workshops that inspire and engage any audience.

4 Modules. 4 Mindsets.

Over 4 week-long sprints we will take you step by step through the journey to create your own high quality interactive workshops that engage and inspire.

The 4-module curriculum contains over 50 bitesize videos, and 20 actionable templates, worksheets and exercises.

Whether you're brand new to this kind of work or are looking to take your existing abilities to the next level, there's plenty for you here.


Module 2 - Episode 2, Scene 4 // Pillars

Module 1 - Episode 3, Scene 1 // Workshop Fundamentals

Module 1: First Principles

Thinking like a Workshop Creator

Understand the fundamentals of what drives learning and growth in today's world, and how you can utilize these in your work,

An introduction to the workshop modules, deliverables, schedule, and how we work together

From then to now: What do we need today that traditional education and learning solutions seldom provide?

What's a workshop? What do we mean when we talk about process design and facilitation? Why does this matter?

Who are we serving with this work? How do we define our audience and decide on a topic that's valuable for them?

Module 2: Design & Structure

Designing like a Workshop Creator

This module will help you plan, organize, and ask yourself the right questions, and also start thinking about arrangement, formats, and narrative to bring your session to life

Understand learning outcomes - why they matter and how to sculpt them effectively

Think like a movie producer to create a robust yet flexible session structure

Try out different teaching formats and uncovering cornerstone content and the magic moments

Create assessments to measure your workshop's performance

Module 3: Content & Craft

Developing like a Workshop Creator

In this module we’ll dive deeper into content, with a particular focus on how to transform ideas and resources into a wide range of interactive exercises and compelling content

Best practices when it comes to content design

Activity design - integrating format, content, and audience to create memorable and engaging activities

Explore where we can add other interactive elements to lift a session, and understand when less is more

Access some tactical resources that are among our go-to workshop creation tools

Module 4: Facilitation & Performance

Delivering like a Workshop Creator

In this module we'll work on developing the skills to lead, guide and support a group, as well honing your own unique style of presentation, facilitation, and storytelling

Facilitation basics: what makes a good facilitator and some common misconceptions

How to prepare for a session and guide your group

Craft stories around your content; how to get audiences engaged through story and creating peak moments

Improvising, troubleshooting, and working effectively in different environments


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