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The secret skill set

Why do some people seem to be able to connect with others so easily, speak so persuasively, and get their ideas to spread?

And why do so many of us have to battle to get our message across?

Why are we overlooked for the next big opportunity, or struggle to be seen as an expert in our field?

The secret lies in knowledge. In today's world it's key to building careers, companies, and credibility.

But just having or acquiring knowledge isn't enough.

Transform your knowledge

To be seen, to be noticed, to make things happen, we need to share what we know with others.

One of the most powerful ways to share and transform knowledge is through having the skills to design and lead interactive workshops.

In fact, we believe workshops are the future of learning.

But knowing how to design and lead them effectively can feel confusing, overwhelming, or just downright scary.

These skills can feel elusive, but they aren't exclusive: they’re valuable for individual contributors and managers; entrepreneurs and freelancers; consultants and career changers; leaders and starters.

With Workshop Creator, you'll unlock the secret skillset to amplify your work.

WORKshop creator alumni work at companies like:

What they say...

“I've run hundreds of workshops and had the luck to collaborate with many world-class facilitators. I learned so much during the Workshop Creator sessions.

While taking the course I unexpectedly needed to design and deliver two new workshops. It was clear to me what I was learning had a direct, positive impact on the quality of workshops I ran.”

Zach Nies
Managing Director, Techstars Sustainability
Alumni: Workshop Creator Live - May/June 2020

“I cannot recommend this enough for anyone who wants to learn how to run effective online meetings, short courses or workshops.

More engaging than many in-person workshops I attended. Very meta. Fun. Interactive.”

Hanna Celina
Head of Insights, FutureLearn
Former Head of EMEA Real Estate Finance, Google
Alumni: Workshop Creator Live - May/June 2020

“...super valuable to advance my Facilitation Skills. It was very practical and hands-on. With lots of real world examples and experience, the team taught us a lot of details on how to structure and facilitate a workshop.

It was awesome to have a learning community, try things out each week and get helpful feedback.”

Chris Weier
CEO, CHRISWEIER Strategic Experience Design Studio
Alumni: Workshop Creator Live - Feb 2020
ways to engage

There's always more than one way forward

Whether you prefer to go at your own pace; are seeking a community to work alongside; or need some extra fuel for your journey, we've got you covered.

The Wavetable Team

Meet the team delivering our Workshop Creator programs, courses, and toolkits.

Andre Plaut

Howard Gray

producer & host
Howard is an entrepreneur, educator, and coach based in New York City.

As well as his work leading Wavetable, he's a mentor at The New School, a member of the SXSW advisory board, and the host of the 'Tickets' podcast.
Josh Upton

Josh Upton

development partner & coach
Josh is a development coach, consultant and advisor who partners with individuals and teams to develop their careers, ideas and organizations.

He brings a principle driven approach while always seeking to elevate the human side of the equation.
Michelle Carollo

Michelle Carollo

production & programming
Michelle is a program and instructional designer, building non-traditional learning environments that impact both the creative and corporate sectors.

Her work unites groups of practitioners, activists, scholars, and industry professionals to generate new solutions for a changing economy.s seeking to elevate the human side of the equation.
Andre Plaut

Andre Plaut

Curriculum advisor
Andre has been designing & delivering immersive learning experiences for the last 10 years with organizations like Apple, Obama for America, General Assembly, and Huge Inc.

He’s currently the founder of human machine, a learning design & product ethics consulting firm.



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