What if kids created music festivals?

V&A Museum

A Summer residency at one of the world's most revered museums

London's Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the city's biggest attractions. Millions of people of all ages visit each year.

The museum were launching a big new exhibition featuring legendary band Pink Floyd - but the V&A is more than just the central exhibit.

When it came to adding a complementary educational experience, we had an idea. And it was focused on the youngest cohort of attendees: 5 to 8 year old kids.

We ran a week-long residency of 10 experiential workshops where attendees learned about sound, design, and creativity. They did this through the lens of music - and more specifically, music festivals.

Creating their very own festivals, there were eco-friendly food suppliers; barter-based ticketing systems; multi-generational musical acts; and whole load of glue, glitter and other good stuff. We even did the conga in celebration.



What we did