Storycrafting skills for community builders

CMX Summit

An interactive workshop at the #1 conference for the world's community builders

CMX Summit is the leading conference for professionals working in one of the fastest growing roles around: Community Building.

The CMX team knew that community professionals were craving more insight on storytelling. Community professionals needed to be able to vividly tell the story of their community and its business objectives, particularly to C-suite executives as well as cross-functionally. 

How could they tap into their innate storytelling skills?

After partnering with us for one of their members-only events, the CMX team asked Wavetable founder Howard to join their annual summit for a featured session on Storytelling.

The "What's the Story?" workshop had over 300 attendees, and covered areas including:

  • Frameworks for developing and honing their community's story
  • Understanding the audience
  • How to share this story with an audience
  • Inspire and engage others through story
  • Crafting stories in a way that really paints the picture
  • How to motivate others to action and participate in the company's community

And in true Wavetable style there were a diverse range of ideas and stories woven in:  Citroen 2CVs, 80s hiphop, England penalty shoot out defeats, and a little bit of Larry David.

Curious to get a taste of it? You can grab some of our storytelling resources right here >

And it all seemed to go down very well with the CMX Community...



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