Building a Meta Workshop


How could we walk our talk, and empower others to build their skills in experience design and facilitation?

A lot of meetings, courses, and workshops suffer from a common set of challenges. These can kill an audience’s energy, overcomplicate concepts, or get the teacher in a twist.

Online, these challenges feel even harder to overcome.

If you’re designing or leading an online learning experience, there are so many questions to answer:

How do I bring energy and engagement to an online workshop?
What are the best ways to liven up a class or course?

Why do so many webinars fall flat, and how do I make mine better?
Which elements of the offline experience translate best, and why?

But there’s more than just being able to make an online experience work.

With interactive workshops becoming the future of learning, there’s huge opportunity opening up to people who are able to design and teach them.

The rise of the workshop creator

Being able to design and run your own workshops is a fantastic way to share your knowledge and ideas, and empower others to go out and do the same.

Becoming an accomplished workshop creator is a real superpower – and the two underpinning skills of process design and facilitation are now key competencies in the modern world of work.

But there wasn't much out there helping people to do this with confidence and finesse. We decided to create something to fill this void.

In:Session - a workshop on workshops

We launched the first cohort of our live 6-week program in January 2020, and since then have expanded the offering to Express 90 minute sessions and half-day workshops as well as developing the flagship cohort program. To date, over 2000 people have joined us In:Session.

Participants explore new ideas for designing learning experiences, telling stories, communicating with clarity, creating interactive exercises, and much more. And it's all delivered within a story-driven, community-focused environment. Yup, very meta - but that's how we like to roll.



What we did