Bringing kids’ food education into a digital space

Foster Supply Hospitality x A Single Bite

How do you educate kids about nutrition when they're learning remotely?

“How can we bring our in-person school classes online?”

Doesn’t sound too hard, no? Just set up a video call and away you go, right?

But what if the class was focused on food and nutrition? 

What if you were a small non profit organization needing to support and empower schoolteachers while not burdening them - or your already busy team?

And what if the kids and schoolteachers were already many months into a global pandemic, and dealing with all the challenges that online learning can bring?

This was the challenge facing the team at A Single Bite - the nonprofit arm of independent hospitality business Foster Supply Hospitality.

Based in the Catskills region of Upstate New York, A Single Bite was created by Foster Supply’s founding team to provide small moments for children and young adults to learn why good food is important, and to undo the tragic undermining of our health and food systems that has become status quo in the past 50 years.

We were brought into reimagine the organization's existing in-person class into an experience that would inspire, educate and engage students in an online world.

Taking a short selection of slides used for the in-person sessions plus a draft of a video script, we reimagined the class as a lively 40 minute session that offered students opportunities to think critically, test their knowledge, and apply new learnings.

The session was underpinned by 4 short videos presented by the A Single Bite founders that felt energetic, authentic and relatable - weaving together animated content, live action, and in-video quizzes.

The final product was packaged into a concise and intuitive educator's packet that could be easily reviewed, set up and delivered by busy teachers in schools across Sullivan County.




Transform an in-person class into an engaging and impactful online experience that teachers could deliver with confidence.

A virtual class that A Single Bite were able to seamlessly distribute to schools across the district.

What we did


We created a mixed media, gamified class complete with quirky bitesize videos, quizzes, and a step-by-step packet for educators.

Creative Direction, Learning Experience Design, A/V & Motion Graphics Production