It's time for a new way to come at... everything.

And, anything.

We don’t have to look far to see increasing demand for new ways to see, learn and do differently. And yet, most learning solutions remain dull, passive and disconnected. 

Shouldn’t there be a better way?
Why yes, there should. We’re glad you asked.

Hi, we’re Wavetable.
And, we’re an experiential portal.

That’s right. Experiential portal.
Cue space suits. Helmets. All that jazz.

We’re a group of DJs, designers, strategists and producers that create space for unexpected connections and understandings that lead to transformative engagement, community and shared resonance.

We’re practitioners of the “had to be there” and the “did you hear about…?”.

And, we’d love to create one of those with you.

Here’s how to get started.

Partner with us in the Studio

With a persistent belief that learning should feel more like sidequests than semesters, we bring together the experience building active learning programs for Fortune 500 companies, city governments and cultural institutions with the expertise that comes from delivering thousands of live shows around the world. 

Our Studio helps companies, talent and IP owners build new experiences, offerings and products in the space where community building meets best-practice learning principles and entertainment to make people [audience, staff, stakeholders, fans] want to come back again...and again.

And again, just one more time.  

Get Started

Build something new in our Workshop

When a partner referred to our Workshop over dinner, they said “you had to be there.” One well-meaning strategist named it “holistic connection design.” A past participant said it’s a place “where real things happen.”
The Workshop is where we offer live, interactive programs for you to build the skills, ideas, and networks for where you want to go next.

Explore the Workshop