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Why do some people seem to be able to connect with others so easily, speak so persuasively, and get their ideas to spread?

And why do so many of us have to battle to get our message across?

Why are we overlooked for the next big opportunity, or struggle to be seen as an expert in our field?
The secret lies in knowledge. In today's world it's key to building careers, companies, and credibility.

But just having or acquiring knowledge isn't enough.

To be seen, to be noticed, to make things happen, we need to share it.

The most powerful way to share knowledge is by making a connection with other people, and enabling and empowering them to learn and grow.

The best bit? Helping others to learn is also a great way for us to learn. It's a virtuous circle.

As bestselling author and Wharton professor Adam Grant says:
"...meaningful success is helping others succeed."

Or, to quote legendary speaker, teacher, and salesman Zig Ziglar:
"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

Being able to inspire and activate people to learn - being a teacher, facilitator, leader, or community builder - is a huge career lever which can unlock all kinds of opportunities.

Learning how to do this kind of work usually meant signing up to corporate training classes that are nearly always dull, dated and uninspiring, or going in deep and qualifying as a teacher.

If you're a busy professional, creative or entrepreneur looking to level up and make a difference, neither of these options made much sense.

And that was how it used to be. It probably wasn't for you.

But not anymore.

It's time to go In:Session.

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Guided Course

Your comprehensive dashboard for building any live workshop or course

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Live Experience

Design and build your skills alongside creative educators from around the world.

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Access to exclusive events, office hours, co-working sessions, and discounts & perks

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Learn with a team who have led programs for organizations including...

In:Session Live

6-week experiential learning program

Maybe you’re ready to monetize your particular genius.

Or, perhaps you know it’s time to build your business to be ready for the next phase.

Maybe you want to engage your clients in new ways.
Is it time to teach what you do? Or, do what you teach?

Whatever you call it, and whatever you want to do, we know at least one thing: In:Session Live is the place for you to develop the skills, networks, and resources you need for what's coming next.

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In:Session Guided Course

Everything you need, at the pace that suits you.

Working through the 4 Waves method we use in many of our Studio projects, this high-energy self-paced course includes everything you need to become an accomplished designer and facilitator of any workshop or short course.
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Zach Nies

Zach Nies

Managing Director, Techstars Sustainability
Alumni - In:Session Live Summer 2020

"I've run hundreds of workshops and had the luck to collaborate with many world-class facilitators. I learned so much during this course.

While taking the course I unexpectedly needed to design and deliver two new workshops. It was clear to me what I was learning had a direct, positive impact on the quality of workshops I ran."

Membership Community

The future of learning is better together.

Our membership network brings together a global community of innovators, creators, educators and change makers.

Join us today.

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