About us

Who we are, and what makes us tick.

“Education must not simply teach work; it must teach life."
W.E.B. DuBois

We’re a collective of educators, coaches, creatives, and producers who believe learning is the ultimate unlock for companies and individuals who want to make a difference.

We’ve designed and facilitated programs across a huge variety of formats: from short-form workshops, to long-form accelerator programs; fast-paced design sprints, to full learning & development strategies. We've worked with leading global brands as well as cultural institutions, creative startups, and nonprofit organizations.

NYC is where we call home, and (when it is safe to do so) we travel around the world.


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Andre Plaut

Howard Gray

Howard is an entrepreneur, educator, and coach based in New York City.

As well as his work leading Wavetable, he's a mentor at The New School, a member of the SXSW advisory board, and the host of the 'Tickets' podcast.
Josh Upton

Josh Upton

development partner & coach
Josh is a development coach, consultant and advisor who partners with individuals and teams to develop their careers, ideas and organizations.

He brings a principle driven approach while always seeking to elevate the human side of the equation.
Michelle Carollo

Michelle Carollo

production & programming
Michelle is a program and instructional designer, building non-traditional learning environments that impact both the creative and corporate sectors.

Her work unites groups of practitioners, activists, scholars, and industry professionals to generate new solutions for a changing economy.s seeking to elevate the human side of the equation.
Andre Plaut

Andre Plaut

Curriculum advisor
Andre has been designing & delivering immersive learning experiences for the last 10 years with organizations like Apple, Obama for America, General Assembly, and Huge Inc.

He’s currently the founder of human machine, a learning design & product ethics consulting firm.